WHO calls not to let your guard down


11:09: WHO calls not to let your guard down as the epidemic recurs

The WHO warns against the temptation to let our guard down in the face of a Covid-19 epidemic that is resuming particularly in the United States despite the optimism aroused by the arrival of the vaccines.

But in France, all the indicators of the epidemic continue their slow decline.

10:32: 2.1 billion more for the Tokyo Olympics

In Japan, the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics, postponed to the summer of 2021, have announced that the bill will increase by at least 2.1 billion euros, due to the costs related to the postponement and the sanitary measures that will be set up for the event. .

9:40 am: isolation, loss of meaning … psychologists pick up on the suffering of teleworkers

Isolation, overwork, loss of meaning … telework generates anxiety in some employees, all the stronger when combined with the fear of Covid and economic uncertainty, according to the psychologists who collect their information. calls late.
In mid-November, the Ministry of Labor launched a toll-free number (0800 13 00 00) to support VSE and SME employees, who have difficulty doing their business with teleworking and do not receive support as some large companies do.

Revision of the vaccination strategy in France. Visactu infographic

8:44 am: Universities will gradually reopen from the beginning of the January school year

The decision was announced on Friday afternoon by Prime Minister Jean Castex to higher education representatives.

8:20: In the north, GSK is already hard at work producing its adjuvant

Large steel tanks, supply pipes, a control screen in a very safe area: it is in a small room in the heart of a GSK plant in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North) that produces the adjuvant to increase the effectiveness of some of the future Covid vaccines.
The essential interest of the adjuvant? When mixed with the vaccine antigen, it intensifies the body’s immune response to the virus.

Eric Moreau, director of the Saint-Amand-les-Eaux plant. Photo François LO PRESTI / AFP

7:55 am: post-Thanksgiving outbreak in the United States

In the United States, which is paying the highest price with more than 278,000 deaths, trips made a week ago for Thanksgiving by millions of Americans risk causing “an epidemic beyond the outbreak,” immunologist Anthony Fauci.
The United States recorded Friday, for the second consecutive day, a 24 hour contamination record, with 225,201 new cases according to Johns Hopkins University, which it references.

Photographic trademark FELIX / AFP

7:07 am: Peru clears flights from Europe in mid-December

Peru will authorize flights from Europe from December 15, the government announced on Friday, in order to revive a vital tourism sector for its economy. There will be flights from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Amsterdam and various European countries, including Germany.
On 5 October, Peru reopened air traffic to flights from some Latin American countries and, on 1 November, it authorized flights to the American continent, including the United States and Mexico.
To enter Peru, passengers must present a negative Covid-19 test.

7:03: the British cautious

British health authorities on Friday considered a significant regression of the pandemic “likely” “by spring” thanks to vaccination, as they called for preparations for a surge after Christmas.

Europe’s most mourning country since the pandemic (more than 60,000 deaths), the United Kingdom this week became the first Western country to authorize a vaccine against Covid-19, giving the green light to Pfizer and BioNTech. The first doses should be injected next week.

What to know this Saturday morning

  • – Number of new cases, hospitalized patients, additional deaths: all indicators of the epidemic continue to decline slowly.
    – Only half of the French interviewed in November intend to get vaccinated, compared to two thirds in July. For his part, the president said: “I do not believe in compulsory vaccination for the Covid-19 vaccine, because we must be transparent, we do not know everything about this vaccine and this virus”.
    – Emmanuel Macron assured that the government “will do everything to be able to start a little earlier in January, to reopen exercises and half lessons” in the universities.
    – Winter sales will start on January 20th instead of January 6th. The duration of the sales will be four weeks.
  • – Canada has crossed the threshold of 400,000 coronavirus cases, marking an acceleration of the pandemic in this country. A country of 38 million people, Canada went from 300,000 to 400,000 cases in just 18 days.

6:51 am: Did Covid-19 Dead Gone “Before”?

The new coronavirus that mostly killed the oldest, Covid-19 deaths would have occurred no matter what, a little later? For the moment, there is nothing to say when. Even if, in the end, everyone is doomed … Reply in this article.

6:49 am: Social plans, a reflection of a suffering France

More than 650 social plans have been announced since 1 March. Thousands of jobs are in danger of being swallowed up by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Let’s take stock in this article (link for subscribers).

6:47 am: WHO calls not to let your guard down because the epidemic returns
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The WHO warns against the temptation to let our guard down in the face of a Covid-19 epidemic that is resuming particularly in the United States despite the optimism aroused by the arrival of the vaccines.

France recorded 11,221 new cases on Friday, a figure down from the last two days (12,696 Thursday, 14,064 Wednesday). According to Public Health France, 284 new deaths have been recorded in France in the past 24 hours (326 Thursdays, 313 Wednesdays), for a total of 54,767 deaths since the outbreak began. 26,283 people are hospitalized, of which 3,283 patients in intensive care.

6:45 am: Hello and welcome to this live dedicated to the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world.

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