Who among Cardano, Stellar & # 39; s XLM and Zcash will reach Coinbase?



Everyone wonders what will be the new cryptocurrencies chosen by Coinbase to be listed later. Could it be Ada di Cardano, XLM from Stellar Lumens and Zec from Zcash? BAT is already listed now.

The basic attention token is going to be published at Coinbase, deposits in that currency are accepted since last November 3rd. It is not an autonomous token, it works with the Ethereum technology, but the exchange is fine. The company's announcement said,

"Once sufficient liquidity has been established, trading on the BAT / USDC order portfolio will commence. […] BAT trading will be accessible to users in most jurisdictions, but will initially not be available to New York state residents. "

Perhaps you're wondering how BAT fits this story. Well, last July 13, Coinbase announced that it was exploring the option to add the BAT to its platform as well as Cardano, Stellar Lumens, Zcash and 0x.

So Bat is alive now. And the others? We (and many other cryptography observers) expect that some other cryptocurrencies will be supported by Coinbase in the near future.

It is not surprising that the BAT market reacted favorably after the announcement of Coinbase. The BAT grew about 10% after 3 November and earned something like $ 55 million in market capitalization precisely because of that tweet.

Being listed on Coinbase is nothing more than the wet dream of any blockchain. It is a huge result because it adds a lot of value and commercial volume to any digital resource that can handle it.

Coinbase already supports 0x and BAT. So what will happen to Cardano, Stellar and Zcash? Let's see.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

The Stellar Lumens project has recently had excellent news.

Only last September they created the world's first zero-fare StellarX exchange. This exchange supports various legal currencies, requires no commissions, offers total end-to-end transparency, and IBM supports it, at least implicitly.

So, there is Starlight. It is Stellar's immediate payment system. Stellar's competitive advantage is that it immediately blocks transaction funds in a secure channel where only the final balances are made public.

Starlight might look similar to the Bitcoin lighting network, but the Stellar team says their system is more advanced and provides support to ensure payment channels.

As we write this Stellar's XLM is traded in the green at $ 0.258, at the sixth place with a market capitalization valued at $ 4,903,853,892.

Cardano & # 39; s ADA

ADA is already the eighth most significant digital asset by market capitalization. Lately it is not going very well and Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of the project, was not afraid to express his displeasure to the community in the form of an open letter.

The letter explained how, according to Hoskinson's point of view, the Cardano community needs a right direction and this hinders the ecosystem as a whole. The lack of a strategic and forward-looking vision (and transparency) regarding budgets are dragging the Cardano project backwards. Charles also believes that the company also needs better internal governance.

There is certainly tension within Cardano. But even so, the currency is maintaining its position among the top ten in the world for quite some time. In addition, the community is still growing, believes and is driving the token.

It remains at the eighth place by capitalization, swapping the red to $ 0.075 as we write this article.

ZCash (ZEC)

ZCash has recently implemented "Sapling", an update that has brought many new features to the project. It has increased efficiency, privacy and security for users. It happened when ZCash was two years old. In the words of the development team: "Sapling introduces new screened addresses with significantly improved performance: a 90% time reduction for transaction building and a memory reduction of over 97%."

ZEC is trading in green numbers for a fraction of $ 134.01, but despite its high price, it is ranked 19th in the world by market capitalization.

We can not know for sure what new cryptocurrencies will be supported by Coinbase, but these are three extremely promising prospects. Keep an eye on and on the Coinbase announcements that, of course, we will report to you in due course.

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