Which cryptocurrencies will appear (will grow) in 2019?

The twenty-first century is the period of possibilities, the age of great opportunities and the enormous amount of money. Thinking it is difficult to understand the whole quantity. Moreover, it is so exciting that money does not exist only in currency; it's also on the Internet. Is not it hilarious that we have so much money, that we do not have a place to involve them?

The help for the assignment with cryptocurrency is a very popular search in Google and that's why we decided to be present trend and tell you some information that provide which cryptocurrencies will appear in 2019. Honestly, nobody knows for sure which cryptocurrencies will be the best in 2019, here are some projects that we like and that have great potential to increase in value in the next year:

1. NEO

NEO is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market. It is in competition with coins like Ethereum, Cardano, EOS and a few others. NEO is playing a very smart game, creating its own "Smart Economy" slowly but surely. The NEO is pushing to remove the Bitcoin domain and compete as a trading couple similar to how ETH is accepted in most trading as a trading pair.

NEO's founder, Da Hongfei, advised China to ban cryptocurrency trade. Da Hongfei said he had met the government to discuss future cryptocurrency regulations and they came to him to ask his opinion on how to regulate this wild market. The conclusion that they arrived was to temporarily prohibit cryptocurrencies and trade in China. This may seem very strange for Neo's CEO to recommend such a thing, but this was a very smart strategic decision.


Recently, RaiBlocks has re-branded to NANO, with an intelligent strategy similar to how the Ant re-branded actions at NEO. The name RaiBlocks has been recognized as an obstacle to mainstream adoption, so the team has been renamed with a much simpler name that can be globally pronounced and understood.

NANO promises instantaneous transactions at no cost that are infinitely scalable. One of the main problems with Bitcoin and even Ethereum is that they are both slow in terms of transaction speed. Understandably this may change over time, but Bitcoin transactions took over 24 hours during periods of high volume. NANO is an ideal trading pair, at the moment most trades have BTC, ETH and USDT markets. If trades start using NANO matching, the price of NANO will increase easily.


Cardano (ADA) was founded by the co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson. It competes for the market share against NEO, EOS and Ethereum. However, Cardano's technology is the third generation of blockchain. EOS and ADA are the only two out of four currently in this level. Close to instant transaction speed and almost cost-free transactions, Cardano is a very strong force to counter.

Cardano also focuses on many other key elements that many cryptocurrencies seem to ignore. Cardano aims to be at the forefront when it comes to compliance, which means global governments / institutions are much more likely to collaborate with a company where compliance is a priority.


There are reasons to love and hate TRON, has had a massive increase in prices at the start of this year, mainly because of the uproar and the founder, Justin Sun, announcing news! This was clearly a very poor PR, but the Tron development team is simply fantastic. Previous developers of large companies like Alibaba.

Although Justin has made several mistakes in the promotion of Tron, he understands the importance of partnerships and exchange lists: these events 90% of the time increase the price of any cryptocurrency. He just needs to stop announcing them before they are official.

5. VeChain

VeChain is growing more every day. A few days ago VeChain met the deputy prime minister of Belgium to discuss the future of the blockchain and potentially work together, and this is wow.

VeChain focuses on the use of blockchain technology to build secure and distributed business ecosystems, which are self-circulating and scalable. VeChain is also an introductory dividend that will attract many investors.

VeChain has one of the largest cryptocurrency teams, and also has a significant amount of partnerships with some well-known companies such as Renault Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Compelling times for VeChain.

To summarize, here we have given you all the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world that have the chance to become leaders in the next year. No one can be sure of what the leader will be as each has potential. Who knows, maybe some new cryptocurrencies will appear accidentally. What we have to do is wait until next year and predict.

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