What’s on TV on Halloween – scarier TV shows and movies


Spooky season is upon us and that means it’s time for television fans to enjoy all sorts of scary treats on the small screen.

A wide range of Halloween dishes have already been added to streaming services this year, including The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix and Truth Seekers on Prime Video, but on terrestrial TV there’s a little less content when it comes. of new shows.

However, the programs are absolutely filled with all kinds of horror movies, so indulging in a scary movie might be the best way to get your Halloween fix this year.

Read on to discover our picks of the best TV shows and movies to air this Halloween.

He really ran a number of Halloween programs through October 31, including This is Halloween and Ghost Nation. It culminates in this special Ghost Adventures, which sees the team investigating reports of electrical anomalies, shadow figures and disembodied voices in a former prison.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Saturday October 31st at 9pm, Sony Movies

A 15th-century Transylvanian knight becomes a vampire after the death of his beloved wife. Centuries later, he discovers that she has reincarnated and travels to Victorian London with the intent of seducing her to join him in living death.

Rosemary’s Baby – Saturday October 31st at 9pm, TCM Movies

A couple moves into a new apartment, and the husband forms a close friendship with their elderly neighbors. The wife soon becomes pregnant and begins to suspect that her spouse has been seduced into a satanic cult, which has sinister plans for her baby

The Witch – Saturday October 31st at 00:15, Channel 4

An English farmer is driven from his land in 17th century America and settles on the edge of a sinister forest. The family suffers a series of unexplained disasters and when the tension rises between them, the eldest daughter finds herself accused by her own parents and siblings of being a witch.

In 1920s England, paranormal investigator Florence Cathcart travels the country exposing alleged supernatural events such as hoaxes. She is summoned to a remote boarding school to investigate reports of a disturbing one, but finds her rational disbelief in the occult challenged by the disturbing events taking place there

John Carpenter Double Bill (Halloween followed by They Live) – Saturday October 31st at 10:45 pm, Film4

Halloween – Murder madman Michael Myers escapes a psychiatric institution 15 years after killing his sister and commits a string of murders in his hometown. Although a psychiatrist is quickly on his trail in an attempt to stop the loss of more lives, a shy teenage girl babysitting her neighbor is unaware of the grisly fate that awaits them.

They live – A drifter arrives in Los Angeles looking for work, only to discover that the city’s population is dominated by aliens who control their victims through subliminal advertising.

Poltergeist – Saturday 31st October at 11.10pm, BBC Two

A family experiences strange events after invisible ghosts invade their home. Ghosts seem harmless at first, they just make things move by themselves. But before long, they drag their five-year-old daughter back to their plane of existence, forcing her parents to call in paranormal researchers to find their missing child.

The Ring – Sunday 1st November at 00:35, BBC One

A reporter investigates several teen deaths, linked to a cursed videotape and rumor that anyone who watches it will die a week later. Her growing obsession with the tape puts herself and her family in danger, and to avoid the foretold fate, she has only seven days to find out where the recording came from.

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