What is the best cryptocurrency wall?


If you are going to buy Bitcoin or another encrypted currency, but you do not know where to store your assets.

  The best Crypto Money portfolios for 2018
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In recent years we have seen cryptocurrency news everywhere due to the high prices and the growing popularity of the population. But there are also some requirements for doing business with this digital money. One of these is having a digital or hardware portfolio. What is the best crypto moneybook that we can use in 2018 Which? We have listed the best cryptographic portfolios .

What is the Crypto Money Portfolio

What you use to store, receive and send money in the same way as cryptographic portfolios you can think of as bank accounts. With these wallets you can hold your digital currencies or spend on shopping.

The Best Wallets Crypto Money

Ledger Nano S

Many people have the best wallet of encrypted money and also known as the best Bitcoin wallet the Ledger Nano S it is a hardware portfolio in USB format. Hardware portfolios are a bit more expensive, as you might expect, but certainly better than digital ones.

The Ledger Nano S, which can easily contain any type of encrypted money, offers better protection than digital wallets and reduces the chances of reaching others. Ledger Nano S is not a "plug and play" device. So you do not need a computer to use it.

Ledger Blue

Ledger Blue was produced by the same company that created the Ledger Nano S, as one might expect. The size is not as big as the Nano S, but has many new features.

With its sleek appearance, advanced features and superb functionality, the most expensive hardware portfolio currently on the market is Ledger Blue. Even in this case, the money you pay is worth it because you simply do not keep your digital money safe, but it also has many other features like touch screen, Bluetooth and USB connection.


Coinbayments a digital wallet based on the Web and the best crypto-wallet .

The website only reduces money transfers and is also very successful in purchases because it is accepted by hundreds of online stores.


Exodus offers many advanced features to its users while being among the best web-based online portfolios. These include graphical spreadsheets, report system, colors and an easy-to-use interface. When everything comes together, Exodus turns into a very favorable preference.

If you look at it, other online portfolios offer almost the same functionality, but none of the special designs and presentations are close to Exodus.


Although Jaxx is a more mobile digital portfolio, it is also mobile in Windows and other operating systems. It works just like it was on platforms. Jaxx is designed not only for encrypted money, but to protect and protect all other digital assets from hackers.

Usually there is a myth that mobile wallets are not as good as they are because people risk losing their phones. Yes, it's true, but today's mobile wallets offer many security features and you can take your digital assets to another account in the event of an accident such as lost phone. Jaxx also has all these fantastic features and is very easy to implement.

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