What if cod liver oil helps fight coronavirus?


As the search for treatments continues to advance to cure the coronavirus, researchers are also looking for the trail of natural elements to fight the disease. In Oslo, a team of scientists is studying the benefits of cod liver oil to prevent Covid-19, reports France Info.

This oil could be effective against respiratory infections thanks to its vitamin D content.. We already knew that the latter, called the “sunshine vitamin”, was beneficial in the fight against breast cancer, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis. Generally, has positive effects on the musculoskeletal and immune systems.

Vitamin D is useful for boosting the immune system

It is also used to prevent the elderly from catching a cold or flu in winter. Therefore, it could also play a role in Covid-19. In addition, the Spanish doctors noticed it 216 sick patients, 80% had a vitamin D deficiency..

Cod liver oil contains a lot of it. So could it help prevent Sars-Cov2 infection? Is it the vitamin D or omega 3 it contains that is effective? The study, which will be conducted on 70,000 people over two years, will surely provide the answers to these questions.

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