What do you think Larsen of Crypto Crisis and XRP?


Chrin Larsen is a Ripple partner and at the same time is president of the board of directors. Larsen shares with you the true vision of cryptocurrency.
At a conference in California, Larsen said they would demonstrate some illegal practices. These application programs do not work legally. This practice is doing extra-nervous work. They are creating risks for cryptocurrency and blockchain. Larsen said they would solve the problem.

In addition, Larsen said that; Larsen said that we will succeed in destroying this practice. These illegal people have made cross-border payments for 4 years. We have started to examine them in more detail. Now, people understand that they are malicious. Thanks to our supporters, we will make it simpler. These illegal practices are trying to break our chains of blockade. Larsen said, we have established this company before them. Furthermore, we are aware of being stronger than them. Thanks to the blockchain brushes we build and the solid partnerships we build, we will get this result. Our company is very strong. We have huge amounts of money in our accounts and we have customers. We are not experimenting anymore, we are producing now.

In addition to talking with Larsen, he thinks that this problem occurred because of Ripple's enemies. He said that; "What really matters today is that the use of precious digital goods must be presented, this can not be done by speculation, and we can say that today the market is speculative, but when we look long-term, it is a good solution to bring together strong market makers and business wagers Much more important, it must be a situation of use.For XRP and XRP users, we can say: they are at the beginning of the business.We reduce cross-border costs because it is a new beginning It's like a race, but we think that new digital resources can always be better if we think of long terms, it will be a long race, no one should lose value in this race
According to Larsen, this situation is completely mischievous. Larsen thinks that malicious sellers are trying to prevent their success, their purpose is to make the company worse and lower its value.

Laren said: "This comes from the Bitcoin community and the Ethereum community. There is always a war between platforms. Everyone is trying to be better and this is the world of the world. But they are following a wrong path. They are trying to impress people with counterfeit news. But they will not succeed if they behave like that.

If the ripple disappears tomorrow, the XRP will continue as an unauthorized open source notebook. For decentralized companies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, we can say that this is easy. When we look at the different angles, there are tests that can be presented. For example, in China there is less centralization due to den Bitmain. It is also important to remember that there is a religious war between these platforms. We can see many lies and FUDs there. Everyone knows what your truth is and the truth always wins.


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