what are the most contaminating places?


DECRIPTURE – An American study was able to quantify the risks of contagion linked to the places and commercial activities frequented.

Fitness centers are among the riskiest places.
Fitness centers are among the riskiest places. 259170883 / Yakov – stock.adobe.com

What are the most effective measures to control the Covid epidemic, once out of containment? An American study published in the journal Nature combined mobility data to determine contamination hotspots in major US cities during the first wave of the US outbreak. These are the movements of 98 million Americans between their place of life and different types of commerce that were analyzed and dissected by a team led by Serina Chang, a pattern maker at Stanford University. As the study focused on cell phone users, it was not possible for scientists to detail the role of schools and nursing homes.

First lesson, the vast majority of contamination is linked to a small number of places. Restaurants are by far the biggest potential hotbeds, in front of gyms, cafes, bars and hotels. So if the city of Chicago

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