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Welto invoice with the bitcoin module integrated with Coinbase and CoinPayments

Welto, an application that allows users to pay invoices with cryptocurrency directly from their wallets simply providing information on the payee, the account number and the address, announced that the form is now integrated with the exchange US bitcoin Coinbase and the CoinPayments cryptographic gateway.

The company accepts invoices between $ 5 and $ 300 in bitcoin equivalent. Payments are usually sent within 24-48 hours depending on the utility service. Users are able to monitor the status of their payment to ensure timely delivery.

The direct cryptographic payment means that it is not necessary to go to an exchange to convert Crypto into Fiat.

As announced, Welto allows you to pay bitcoin bills within the Coinbase platform. So, if a user has a Coinbase wallet, it works even faster. BTC immediately arrives at Welto's portfolio and the company starts paying the bill immediately. If a customer does not have a Coinbase wallet, Welto allows payment from other portfolios with a QR code compatible with Coinbase.

Welto is also integrated with CoinPayments to allow payment with altcoins. Currently, payment invoices with Ethereum (ETH) have been implemented with plans for the addition of other currencies. The company has declared that the next order will be ZenCash (ZEN), Crown (CRW) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The Welto team said:

"We are building the system that will allow our customers to spend their cryptocurrency on real goods and services where they want.We started from the US market and we plan to extend our service and our application worldwide. providing our users the ability to pay bills directly with cryptocurrency ".

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