“We don’t want to capitulate to the virus”


They have already survived the quarantine: the HC Lugano players.

Image: Keystone

After the latest developments on increasing the number of the crown, the continuation of the season in the National League is on the verge. The presidents of the clubs of the National League are now addressing the Federal Council with an open letter.

Beginning only in early October, the continuation of the Swiss top ice hockey league season is already in jeopardy after the growing number of crown cases. Whole teams are in quarantine, several clubs have to do without spectators in the stadium again. Before the new measures can aggravate the precarious situation on Wednesday, the twelve club presidents of the National League will now speak together.

In an open letter to the Federal Council, the cantonal governments and the Swiss media, they make it clear that everything will be done to continue the season that has begun. “Football and ice hockey are of immense importance in our country – from a social, economic and health point of view. It is therefore essential that sport is also practiced in times of crisis – for the team, for juniors, for fans, for employees, for partners and for the entire population. We must not let the Covid-19 virus impose our lives and prohibit it, ”the letter reads.

Unnecessary effort in preparation for the season?

According to the club presidents, fans should continue to have access to stadiums, for several reasons. On the one hand, protection concepts have been developed by each club, “which have been evaluated as exemplary and have passed their practical test”. In addition, they were also ready to give up on spectator skills and make wage cuts, in some cases for all employees. At the same time, fans would have waived the refund of tickets.

Now those great efforts are in danger of being useless due to renewed restrictions. “The financial foundation on which we had built has been withdrawn from us. This is unfair because we have aligned and Parliament has aligned its planned liquidity aid with it. This is disproportionate because our concepts work and social life must also go on with Corona, ”the letter reads.

“Let our players play hockey!”

The bottom line is for clubs: “With these measures and our protection concepts, we want and could continue to play hockey in front of up to 2/3 of our normal audience. Because we don’t want to capitulate to a virus, neither as a club nor as people. “

The unmistakable appeal to the Federal Council and the cantonal governments: «Let’s let our players play hockey! If you are not allowed to do this in front of people with emotions, because you have forbidden it, then compensate us and we will talk à fonds perdu contributions for the additional losses imposed. Make sure Swiss hockey doesn’t fall victim to the coronavirus and that we can play the season to the end. For the fans, for the sport, for the health of our country “.

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