Waves of good news for Ripple's XRP, the price continues to fall when the moon?



The Ripple XRP was the best currency of the last year, as the year underway started, it had gained credibility and a lot of us he expected from it. Up to now it has been relatively shaky (which is not a new venture in a market that has been bearish for over 7 months), but it is done more or less in the same way as the whole market, that is, unpleasantly. [19659003] Still, there is reason to believe that the XRP is highly undervalued and a stream of recent excellent news prove it.


BitcoinSuperstore is a platform that allows you to use a selection of cryptographic coins to pay for goods and services online (Amazon and Walmart, for example).

The platform has just announced that it will accept XRP as a means of payment that offers XRP holders more than 200,000 online stores worldwide. This is a milestone for Ripple as it means that non-institutional users will finally be able to make micropayment transactions using the Ripple token.

Coinbase Custody

Coinbase has launched a custody service a month ago, more or less, and is considering forty digital resources to be used as a deposit of wealth for its institutional clients.

Although this only means a new user for XRP, the ad denotes confidence in the future performance and reliability of XRP. This does not mean that Ripple's XRP will be available for the Coinbase trade, but it will undoubtedly create demand anyway.

Transaction volume

You can follow the way the Ripple register evolves into Twitter. The Twitter account xrpl_monitor tweets for every transaction held on the network and an unusually large number of significant transactions are reported within the last 24 hours. The good thing about this is that each transaction cost must be paid in XRP in order to create the token application, thus increasing the price (or at least stability).


Ripple Labs announced that the 2018 Q2 had been the best since the foundation of the company. And this happened while the market is bearish. Obviously, this has to do with Ripple, the company, and not with Ripple, the token, but the two entities are connected strongly enough to make sure that what is good for one is good for the other too.


Wirex is a company that issues debit cards. Visa debit cards, to be more precise. They have announced that they are adopting XRP, which means that you can connect your digital wallet to a debit card and use XRP to pay for groceries, movies, cigarettes or anything else that you use your card on a regular basis.

This is a breakthrough that could surpass that of BitcoinSuperstore because while this last it's only for online use, this means that you can use XRP to pay for goods and services on the road. Ripple is finally changing their paradigm.


The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare announced an upcoming list for XRP. New markets, new users, new demand

Founder of TechCrunch

It seems that Il TechCrunch founder tried Ripple and loved it. He transferred fifty million dollars through Ripplenet. The transaction was settled in three seconds and the commission was 3 cents.

Although this is perhaps not the most relevant news on this list, it's still a big PR, and Ripple desperately needs it at a time when its more direct rival, Stellar Lumens, is getting excellent coverage everywhere. [19659008]

Ripple's Future (XRP)

All of the above news should be sufficient to understand how robust the Ripple project is. It is gaining ground, acquiring new strategic strategic partners and opening up new possibilities, such as becoming a consumer and institutional currency.

T or simply: XRP is undervalued in epic proportions, and the only reason why it did not go very well is that the whole market has had a terrible time this year. And currently, what we are witnessing is the third downward race (I should rather say worse) in the history of cryptography. But a bull run will come sooner or later, and when it arrives, the XRP will be positioned in a spectacular way to take off.

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