Walletreum Is Active – The Road to Financial Freedom with DeFi and AI


Cryptocurrency projects have demonstrated, without doubt, that blockchain has a bright and influential future ahead. However, most of these cryptocurrency projects haven’t addressed being widely available to general users in the cryptocurrency sphere. Large-scale implementation in various sectors has not yet been achieved.

What is Walletreum? What are its main features?

Walletreum comprises various real-world applications and is an innovative platform that includes several efficient management tools for cryptocurrencies, ready for real-world application and widespread adoption. Management tools include Lending, Borrowing (Safe Credit), WALT Yield Farming and Zero Swap. Additionally, Walletreum has designed a revolutionary solution for price depreciation in bear markets for both lenders and borrowers and maximizes profits for lenders and borrowers in a bull market, thanks to their AI trading algorithm, ALGON.

Walletreum’s technology and platform have faced critical issues in widespread adoption, which essentially lowers barriers to entry into cryptocurrencies by providing valuable and easy-to-use services for experienced traders, investors and non-crypto users to enter the sphere and benefit from it. its unique products and services. To fully understand the extent to which Walletreum will lead to large-scale adoption, it would be wise to look at exactly what they are bringing to the table and take a look at the management tools they provide in this unique platform. Below, we will outline all the tools and details that the Walletreum platform includes.


Algorithm trading refers to the use of a computer program or system that executes market operations, according to coded rules, typically used in stock markets and even cryptocurrency exchanges. This system uses statistics and mathematical models to trade arbitrage opportunities on a basket of trading assets. The difference between algorithmic trading in typical legacy markets and cryptocurrency markets is that cryptocurrency markets are significantly more volatile, leading to significant swings in prices and trading opportunities, as well as never closing, unlike traditional markets.

ALGON is an AI, which is written in 50,000 lines of code, which learns over time via Deep Learning and can be scaled according to trading volume. ALGON was explicitly designed for bear markets, which is something that differentiates algorithmic trading from traditional types. What sets Walletreum apart from any other DeFi platform is the fact that it has the ability to prevent asset depreciation in bear markets, where ALGON is specifically designed to do so.

In bull markets, ALGON automates rebalancing, which buys BTC and trades altcoins against BTC. In bear markets, it sells BTC and altcoins to stable currencies. In determining conversions, historical data, market statistics and short positions are taken into account, which also helps ALGON to continuously improve its performance. After testing ALGON since May 2019 in a bear market, ALGON has proven to have a track record of 4% to 6% per month returns.

ALGON has three different modules, designed according to the trading volume chosen by the user:

  • ALGON X1 is designed for lower trading volume and to use its algorithms, the user requires 500 WALTs.
  • ALGON X2 requires 40,000 WALTs to use and is based on more aggressive trading algorithms, as well as using multidimensional strategies with maximized returns and risk management.
  • ALGON X3 requested 200,000 WALTs, is used for high-frequency volumes and uses various forms of analysis, including techniques, Blockchain, Multi-exchange, statistical anomalies, cash flow movements, supply and demand, as well as coin arbitrage, such as additional features.

WALT token utility

According to the project’s white paper, keeping over 1,000 tokens in your wallet will give users access to the following benefits:

  • Zero withdrawal fees
  • Zero commissions for your loan position before the end of the frozen period
  • A 20% discount on interest rate borrowers is applied
  • An ALGON X3 package
  • Access to the Zero Swap product
  • Access to the WALT agricultural mechanism, which distributes cryptocurrency to those who borrow or lend on the platform

This means Walletreum users who hold over 1,000 WALT coins will have a far better experience than those without those coins.

Walletreum - How it works

Loan and loan

ALGON is used for Walletreum’s other management tools, namely Loans and Loans, where lenders and borrowers essentially lend their assets to ALGON, where ALGON returns the loaned amount in APY. When a borrower takes a loan from ALGON, he pays APR to ALGON, while ALGON repays the cryptocurrency minus the commission. ALGON would play the role of a fund manager for lenders and borrowers, while protecting their cryptocurrency assets from depreciating prices in bear markets and maximizing profits in bull markets.

Lending with Walletreum allows lenders to offer loans to other borrowers while earning returns for their participation. Typical lending platforms lack the asset depreciation aspect in bear markets, while lending on this platform is supported by ALGON, which is capable of producing profits even in bear markets.

The loan (secure credit) will allow borrowers, with the help of ALGON, to take a loan on their assets without selling it, without fear of depreciation, without KYC, with minimal APR costs and no depreciation of the user’s locked tokens in the markets bearish. With an APR of 4.3%, Walletreum has an edge over most DeFi lending platforms.

Zero Swap

Zero Swap is a unique exchange tool on the Walletreum platform that allows cross-chain transactions at no cost to exchange. It allows users to easily and quickly exchange one crypto for another without the transaction costs incurred with other exchange platforms, which has been a big problem due to the lack of scaling, during network congestion, as we have seen for example with Ethereum and Uniswap. All the exchange will take place in the internal pools of the platform with tokens supported by virtual assets.

Roadmap and future plans

The project also has a very ambitious roadmap, having already achieved things ahead of schedule. They plan to partner with mercuryo.io to promote mass adoption, where Mercuryo will provide its services to make WALT bank cards, allowing WALT to be used worldwide in ATMs, restaurants, shops, hotels and wherever they are card payments available.

Walletreum released its core network on October 24, Saturday, where users can leverage the platform’s initial components, loan, secure credit, and zero exchange. Walletreum has partnered with Ferrum Network to launch WALT Staking in advance of the planned community demand program and staking pool filled within hours of launch. The team also plans to bring agricultural production ahead of schedule and burn all team-allocated tokens, which will reduce their total supply by 9%, with an already very attractive token economy.

Overall, Walletreum brings a multitude of innovative and revolutionary features to the sphere, which can be said to have many advantages over existing platforms. We look forward to seeing Walletreum complete their Fiat integration and WALT debit card by Q1 2021 and their Android / iOS apps by Q2. With so many features and benefits, it is clear that a bright future lies ahead for Walletreum.

Visit the Walletreum website: https://walletreum.com

White paper: https://walletreum.com/whitepaper.pdf

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