Walkex: The Next Generation Crypto Exchange


Walkex.com is an international platform operating within the regulatory framework established by Estonia, including the Law on Virtual Financial Assets of Estonia. The cryptocurrency exchange platform also offers many other services related to digital currency.

The platform works with an excellent technical basis, increased security, a user-friendly interface, legitimate legitimacy and transparency in operations.

Walkex puts safety first:

Walkex took a list of 140 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and verified basic security issues to develop systems to improve their platform. Therefore, the exchange found solutions to several blockchain-related problems. The cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a single transaction withdrawal system, which requires multiple signatures of the exchange’s founders before making a transaction. So in case a hacker has access to the trading systems, the user would have time to stop any further progress.

Walkex has the traditional two-factor authentication system, which requires the user to enter an email address or contact number when registering so that the user can receive a one-time code to enter when logging into their account , confirming Plus its identity again. Walkex also has cold storage, where all important data is securely stored offline, which ensures customers that their funds cannot be manipulated.

Walkex connects buyers and sellers

The Estonian cryptocurrency exchange connects buyers and sellers within the same ecosystem, where a low fee is charged for each transaction. Walkex offers direct person-to-person exchanges, where individuals from different countries can trade digital currencies. However, these types of direct trade do not have a fixed market price as each seller sets their own exchange rate. Walkex has the lowest rates compared to other exchanges. Walkex Decentralized Exchange also works faster than other traditional crypto exchanges.

Note: Walkex payment methods range from credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Walkex special offers.

The Walkex cryptocurrency exchange offers a special offer for the former 80,000 users a gift of 50 Walk Coins, Walkex’s native currency. To take advantage of the offers, you need to create an account within the exchange and you can only create one account per person. Next, you need to verify your email, go to your PROFILE and complete the correct data in your PROFILE. Once your account has been verified with the appropriate KYC, a yellow “Request” button will appear on the same site and click the button to request your 50 Walk Coin.

Register now and claim your 50 Walk Coin


Note: Within two weeks, the cryptocurrency exchange will have stores and

accounts for merchants who can use walkex.com as a payment gateway for their businesses, just like cash payments.

What is Walk Coin?

The Walk Coin is the native token of the cryptocurrency exchange Walkex and Dex.Walkex.com. It is listed as the major pairs in both exchanges. Users who keep Walk Coin in their wallet would get a 25% discount on trading. The cryptocurrency exchange is working on the creation of mobile APPs for both exchanges, where decentralized stores will be available for companies and individuals in which the native Walk Coin will be integrated.

Walkex charges traders reasonable fees.

The Estonian cryptocurrency exchange charges reasonable fees to traders. The trading fee is 0.05% for WKX pairs and 0.1% for all other pairs. Walkex regularly updates withdrawal fees based on market and blockchain conditions. The platform has announced a limited special offer for just 10,000 users who pay a small payment of € 300 in BTC for a lifetime PRO account that offers to trade and withdraw funds at 0 commissions. At the moment, there are still 238 PRO accounts left to reach 10,000.

There are several benefits to getting a PRO account, including lower fees and zero fees. Withdrawal fees for all cryptocurrencies are 0.1% with a PRO account and there is no charge for a minimum deposit.


The Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange stands out from all of its competitors in many ways. Walkex charges reasonable fees to traders by providing the best possible services. The user interface on the exchange is user-friendly enough so that even new users can easily find what they are looking for. The cryptocurrency exchange is currently providing amazing special offers to its clients. Walkex excels in all departments, whether it’s security or charging minimal commissions to customers.

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