Visage, the psychological horror game, arrives on October 30th


After several years of waiting in Steam Early Access, Face arrives on PC and console. The game of psychological terror from SadSquare arrives in time to quench our thirst for haunted houses the day before Halloween, as announced in this launch trailer:

Face is a game of psychological terror in first person. Explore an ever-changing mysterious house by slowly immersing yourself in an atmosphere that combines welcoming and creepy environments with terrifyingly realistic environments and enjoy a true horror experience. “

Face, with a hallway aesthetic that remembers PT and what could have been Silent hills, brings the players inside a house where supernatural events occur, linked to the families who lived there: those who lived there ended up going crazy, murdering other members of their family or ending their lives. Not only do you have to find out what happened to them, but also escape their ghosts with no other weapon than the small objects you find on the road.

(Image: SadSquare)

“Dying is part of the game,” they explain on Steam. “You will have to avoid fear at all costs, as it attracts dark creatures. Keep your sanity as much as possible and you will avoid falling into the world of the dead. It won’t be easy and you will have to find ways to avoid going crazy, like being near a light.

This title has realistic depictions of violence which, according to its developers, “can be creepy”. Furthermore, they assure, “the game will play with your mind in a house so realistic that when you stop playing, you will probably be afraid of your own house”.

(Image: SadSquare)

Since 2016 SadSquare has opened a Kickstarter page to raise funds and continue the development of the game. After years of early access, the game will arrive on October 30th – not just on PC, but also on PS4 and Xbox One. Players who already had the version early access will receive this final version as a free update.

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