VIDEO Who is Horia Brenciu’s brother. She sings on the big stages of the month, but the two don’t keep in touch


Horia Brenciu spoke of Marius, her brother, of whom she rarely speaks. On this birthday, the artist wanted to wish him well.

“In a world without hope, family is the true anchor for our souls. Therefore, I want to tell you a little about Marius Brenciu, my brother. He was born today, 47 years ago. To him I owe that I studied piano and then I sing and I also give him credit for my admiration for opera and operetta. Marius is a tenor, a voice known in many parts of the world. He hates when I talk about him. I blamed this, every time, for his modesty Exacerbated. Mau, I love you! Happy birthday and health, wherever you are, ‘said Horia Brenciu.

Marius Brenciu is a successful tenor and sang on the big stages of the month. Compared by The Times to Pavarotti, Marius Brenciu sang over time at the opera or with the philharmonic orchestras of Bucharest, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Lisbon, Monte Carlo, Gothenburg. , Cardiff, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Rome, Edinburgh, London and many more, writes

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two brothers is not close. The jury of the Vocea României admitted in a previous interview that they no longer had contact with the tenor, explaining what were the reasons for the dissensions.

“I think he was with the country. Because he won several international competitions and said he was going to move to Belgium, where he went with his wife, and things have cooled down since then.” The last meeting was at the George Enescu Festival, where my brother sang and I was in the hall with my father. After that, I went home with my father, had a meeting with some friends and the next day he left, “said Horia Brenciu.

Horia Brenciu says she would like to reconnect with her brother.
“If he had been here, I would have killed him by knocking on the door and on the phone. But he’s somewhere in Europe, because I heard he moved from where he was. I respect the intimacy my brother has chosen to have and I hope that one day he will come back. It’s very difficult for me to talk about him because he told me not to talk about him anymore “, confessed Horia of Marius Brenciu who, despite his international fame, leads a very discreet life, without social networks, writes alive .com

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