VIDEO: This is the person with the most body modifications, including two horns and more than 450 “piercings”


Rolf Buchholz, 61, also got his eyes tattooed and his tongue forked.

German Rolf Buchholz, 61, has set a Guinness World Record with his more than 516 body modifications and has no plans to stop altering his body, as he explains in a video posted last week on the Guinness World Record’s YouTube channel. .

Since he got his first tattoo and his first piercing at the age of 40, Buchholz’s appearance has changed so much that he has become almost unrecognizable, with 90% of his body covered in tattoos. piercings on the lips, eyebrows and nose, scarifications on the face, subcutaneous implants in the wrist and magnetic implants in the hands. He also has two small subcutaneous “horns” on his forehead, he tattooed his eyes and forked his tongue.

The man, who works for a telecommunications company, has another world record to his credit for accumulating the most “piercings” in 2010, when 453 piercings were officially counted.

“I’m the same person”

Be that as it may, Buchholz claims that all these alterations “only changed his outward appearance”. “They haven’t changed me. I’m the same person,” he says.

The man confesses that the most painful body modification process was the tattoos on the palm of his hand: “It hurts a lot, I don’t have much tolerance for pain“.

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