UZ Ghent opens a screening center for asymptomatic people


(Belgian) UZ Ghent will open a Covid-19 screening center next Monday for people without symptoms of the disease. The federal government has announced that tests for non-sick people will be authorized again starting November 23. “It is a necessary weapon to fight the epidemic and avoid a third wave”, estimates the coordinator doctor Tania Desmet. Approximately 240 tests can be performed each day.

People who have had a risky contact, who need to be tested to go abroad or who return from a European “red” zone will be able to go. If a cluster in a school, business or other community is suspected, the center can also be mobilized. Five assistants (medical students, nurses and a doctor) will be present to perform the tests. People with symptoms will not be able to go to the new center, but will still have to contact their doctor. (Belgian)

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