Uplay + becomes Ubisoft +: game subscription with new benefits under a new name


After Ubisoft recently announced the Ubisoft Connect cross-platform service, the rebranding of the Uplay + game subscription continues. This will not only have a new name, but will also be extended to other platforms.

Subscribers to Ubisoft’s paid Uplay + PC subscription will have to adapt in the future, because from now on it will simply be known as Ubisoft +. The rebranding is part of the transition to the new Ubisoft Connect cross-platform service.

Cross-platform is a good keyword because the name change means Ubisoft + will no longer be reserved for PC gamers only; Instead, other platforms should now be considered as well, although large consoles are not initially included.

Anyone who has subscribed to Ubisoft +, which is currently only available on PC, will receive all the benefits on other supported platforms in the future as well. This will initially include Google Stadia’s game streaming service and Amazon Luna’s new game service.

A Ubisoft + Luna beta will start on November 10; From this date the rebranding on PC will also be carried out. Anyone with access to Luna can therefore also use the Ubisoft + PC game library, at no additional cost.

The corresponding functionality should therefore also be available on Stadia by the end of the year; a Pro subscription will no longer be explicitly needed.

Ubisoft Connect – Launch Trailer

In the future, Ubisoft will rely on a uniform, cross-platform ecosystem called Ubisoft Connect.

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