UC Berkley heads Ripple Blockchain Research Program in Bold for XRP


UC Berkley To Head Ripple Blockchain Research Program

The University of California, Berkeley is launching a research initiative focused on Ripple, for which it is accepting proposals. The deadline for submission is November 30th.

The announcement stated the Ripple had granted millions of dollars to the university to finance studies on digital currencies, cryptocurrency payments solutions and blockchain technology. The research should last several years. In addition, the university will introduce courses on encryption and distributed general ledger technologies.

Moreover, UC Berkeley revealed that the grant will be managed by the Institute for Business and Social Impact. From here, funds will be allocated for various causes, including cryptography, digital currency payment solutions and blockchain-based solutions, and so on.

The University he also highlighted their expectations regarding the nature of the proposals presented. The proposals will be classified into three broad categories, in particular technical, business and regulatory. The technical category will cover the technological aspects of Ripple, including scalability, confusing algorithms, security and so on.

On the other hand, commercial proposals should highlight how blockchain and cryptos it can be used to improve operations in companies. For example, the blockchain solution can be used to curb incorrect election practices, identity verification, and so on.

Finally, the category of regulations will present proposals that talk about the impedance of regulations and how they can contribute to the development of the sector.

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