Turkey 3-2 Russia / Highlights and Goals


National football team A shared their trump card with Russia in the third group of the UEFA Nations B League.

In the eleventh minute of the fight, the A national team, who remained behind with Cheryshev’s goal, won the match 3-2 and continued to rise to the league.

The national goals came from Kenan Karaman on 26 ‘, Cengiz Ünder on 32’ and Cengiz Ünder on 52 ‘.

Cheryshev scored Russia’s goals in the 11th minute and Kuzyaev in the 57th minute.

In the League of Nations, in the last week, the Nationals will face Hungary on the road. Russia will be a guest in Serbia

The national team defeated Russia for the first time

By defeating Russia 3-1 in the League of Nations, national football team A managed to beat its rival for the first time in its history.

National football team A defeated Russia in the 3rd round of the Nations League B with a score of 3-2 in Istanbul. Thus, the nationals got their first victory against the Russians. With this match, the rising stars, who played the eighth match with Russia, got 1 win, 3 draws and 4 losses in these matches. While the national team scored 6 goals in these fights, they saw 10 goals in his castle.

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11 ‘After the ball was lost on the left flank, Cheryshev’s shot, who met the ball in the penalty area, raised the goals.

16 ‘Cheryshev’s left center winger was in the lap of goalkeeper Mert.

17 ‘When no one could touch the hard ball that Zeki, inserted in the right diagonal of the penalty area, cut from the ground downwards, the ball came from the opposite wing

24 ‘Semedov received a red card in the 24th minute after a foul against Cenk Tosun on the grounds that he prevented the obvious scoring chances.

26 ‘Kenan’s shot, who from the left wing at the front post completed Caner’s center, met the nets.

32 ‘Cengiz’s shot from the far right corner of the penalty area hits the post and hits the nets.

51 ‘Ozan floods the penalty area shot down by his opponent, Turkey wins a penalty

52 ‘Cenk Tosun, who has taken control of the ball, sends the ball and goalkeeper into separate corners.

57 ‘Kuzyaev sends the ball, which Karavaev turns into six from the right of the penalty area.

statistics: Ülker Stadium

Referees: Szymon Marciniak, Pawel Sokolnicki, Radoslaw Siejka (Polonya)

turkey: Mert Günok, Zeki Çelik (Min.64 Ozan Kabak), Merih Demiral, Kaan Ayhan, Caner Erkin, Ozan Tufan (Min.86 Mahmut Tekdemir), Okay Yokuşlu, Cengiz Ünder (Min.64 Deniz Türüç), Hakan Çal. 86 Yusuf Yazıcı), Kenan Karaman, Cenk Tosun (min.80 İrfan Can Kahveci)

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Russia: Guilherme, Semenov, Dzhikiya, Kudryashov, Zhirkov, Kuzyaev (Dk.70 Anton Miranchuk), Ozdoev, Zobnin (Dk.79 Fomin), Aleksei Miranchuk (Dk.79 Ionov), Cheryshev (Dk.37 Karavaev), Zabolotny (Dk.37 Karavaev), Zabolotnyk .70 Erokhin)

Targets: Min. 11 Cheryshev, min. 57 Kuzyaev (Russia), min. 26 Kenan Karaman, min. 32 Cengiz Ünder, min. 51 Cenk Tosun (penalty) (Turkey)

Red card: Min. 24 Semenov (Russia)

Yellow cards: Min. 49 Merih Demiral, min. 56 Cenk Tosun, min. 58 Genghis Ündar (Turkey), Min. 54 Zobnin, min. 56 Dzhikiya, min. 73 Kudryashov, min. 89 Fomin (Russia)


turkey: Mert, Zeki, Merih, Kaan, Caner, Okay, Ozan Tufan, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Cengiz Ünder, Kenan, Cenk

Russia: Guilherme, Semenov, Kudryashov, Dzhikiya, Zhirkov, Zobnin, Ozdoyev, Kuzyaev, Aleksei, Cheryshev, Zabolonty


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