Tron's CEO (TRX), Justin Sun, reaches half a million followers on Twitter



Justin Sun (CEO and founder of Tron) is probably the most skilled leader in the blockchain world when it comes to marketing. This includes Twitter, which is perhaps why it has now reached half a million followers.

To celebrate this milestone, Mr. Sun is asking people to comment on his account what they want to see the blockchain industry in the future (which includes all the blockchains, but, most importantly, Tron's blockchain).

The original post law:

"Thank you to #TRONICS for being part of our fantastic community! Tell us what you're excited to see in the #blockchain or the #TRON platform in the future and have the chance to win our new swag collection! I'll randomly choose 10 winners from comments. TRX "

From all the comments on this post, Mr. Sun will randomly choose ten people who will receive the new Tron swag collection.

Why Tron is attracting so much attention from the enthusiasts of cryptography, I heard you ask? There are several reasons Justin Sun was already considered one of the most influential actors in technology even before Tron began. He is known to be his friend and protégé, Jack Ma (of renowned Alibaba), therefore, even before starting, he boasted a certain kind of credibility both in technology and in the business world that was rarely equaled by any other project leader in the cryptic verse.

Another reason is Tron's ambition. It is not meant to be just a cryptocurrency, but a fully developed third-generation blockchain platform capable of distributing decentralized apps, smart contracts and, above all, aims to decentralize the world wide web.

It would mean that Internet content creators will no longer need central authorities like Amazon, Google, Facebook or Youtube to monetize their content, but they can be rewarded in cryptocurrencies by joining Tron's decentralized web. If Tron could do that, it would be just as revolutionary as the Internet, compared to the press.

Furthermore, Tron has been able to support his claims so far with many new partnerships and successful developments already within his reach. The new main network is up and running and works perfectly (according to user comments). The virtual machine is also implemented and works perfectly (do we have to repeat again?).

Tron's Virtual Machine is particularly important because it allows you to use Java (which is probably the only programming language that every programmer knows) to develop apps using Tron's blockchain. In many other environments (such as Ethereum) it is not possible to use a "standard" language, but it is necessary to learn the native language of the platform and this challenges many potential developers.

As we write this article, Tron (TRX) remains a very cheap coin with two cents, and is in first place in the world of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. It may not seem very impressive, but it has little to do with Tron's results and all that has to do with the fact that the market has been steadily declining since last December and that TRX is still anchored to Bitcoin in trading.

Tron has the right balance between good administration, big marketing and new blockchain technology that has a differential advantage over most other projects in the cryptosphere. And he has a credible leader whose Twitter account is already over half a million followers.

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