Tron's CEO suggests a new partnership, the TRX coin pump pump still present

Tron's CEO suggests a new partnership, the TRX coin pump pump still present

In a recent BTC report, it was noted that the cryptography market lost another $ 20 billion in its total market capitalization last week. As evidenced by the statistical data, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum remained the same more or less, while the overcoins found themselves in a fluctuating situation. Over the weekend, most of the altcoins have recovered, including Ripple [XRP], Litecoin [LTC] and above all, Tron [TRX], which has since gained gains of 11 percent.

How did Tron out of all the altcoins struggle and recover, especially from 11%? This could be in general, the CEO of Tron, the work of Justin Sun, since he is known for playing well with his words. On Friday, October 12, Sun tweeted saying that the company had managed to secure one of the largest partnerships to date – with a company valued at "billions of dollars", as seen below.

Many of the Tron community have been ready to catch the tweet and since then have wondered who could be this "industry giant". One particular user, @thacryptomaniac tweeted saying "I do not see the time to know it! Could it be anyone … What a fantastic way to end the week, no matter who it is! Thank you !!! #HODLTRX." Surprisingly This seems to be the same impression in most of the answers, without anyone wondering if it is simply a FOMO. The discussion did not end on Twitter, as a post from Reddit was also dedicated to understanding who could be.

In addition to the sudden pump of TRX, News BTC has also revealed others that deserve mention, including the commissionless Bitcoin futures trading platform, the Digitex Futures (27% pump) and the oracle and decentralized forecasting platform, Augur (15% pump).

The former then thanked all those who have had and continue to support their purpose and have hinted that a "zero-cost future" is approaching as we speak. The tweet that appreciated the 27% increase was as follows:

At the time of writing this article, there seems to be an equal presence of declines and gains in the first 100 cryptocurrencies, with a total market capitalization of just over $ 202 billion.

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