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Tron (TRX) has begun trading on KuCoin against Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The founder and CEO of TRON Justin Sun announced on August 26 that the TRX token will be listed on KuCoin, in Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange platform.

New listing for TRON (TRX)

The new listing for TRON (TRX) comes from KuCoin, an important listing for TRON as KuCoin is currently one of the most active cryptocurrency exchanges. The original tweet from Justin Sun reads:

"# TRX will be listed on @kucoincom, TRX / BTC, TRX / ETH will be available on August 28 (SGT)."

TRON (TRX) has started trading on the popular exchange today, and the listing has sparked new hope for a price recovery. KuCoin offers more than 350 crypto pairs with a goal to provide users with seamless digital assets transactions and exchange processes

After the Main launch and token swap of TRON, the TRX token has become easier to move around. Bitcoin Superstore, one of the biggest online stores.

Similarly, on August 23, Justin Sun announced the integration of the TRX token as a payment option on CoinPayments which is currently available to 2.2 million businesses and users worldwide.

Since the technical difficulties in the listing TRON has been removed, the TRX has been listed on a series of smaller exchanges, many are of the opinion that also influenced the listing of TRX on KuCoin. [19659003] Reaction of TRON (TRX) to the KuCoin announcement

The TRX reacted positively to the news of the listing, rising by about 5.8% within 24 hours of the announcement.

TRON, the 12th largest cryptocurrency, has a market The first transaction has been carried out for $ 1.7 billion and is currently exchanging hands at $ 0.0259.

These announcements have come from the technical strength of TRON, as well as the growth of the project.

been on the rise, recording almost half of Ethereum's. TRON Virtual Machine Launch (TVM)

TRON's Virtual Machine Launch (TVM)

TRON's Virtual Machine Launch (TVM)

The TRON's latest news on KuCoin comes just days before the launch of the much anticipated Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) as TRON continues to become the biggest blockchain project.

Justin Sun has announced that the Virtual Machine will launch with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

What this means is that developers leveraging the Ethereum Virtual Machine will also be onboard with the platform at a fee described as 'almost free'.

According to Sun, the TVM is going to provide the developers with a secure, efficient, stable, scalable, and convenient blockchain system.

In addition, the theory of Bandwidth is going to be applied to the Tron Virtual Machine. There is no fee on transaction transactions or smart contracts

Although the price of the TRX has not taken phantom leaps yet, these announcements would play a role in the expected market recovery for TRON

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