Tron (TRX), Ripple (XRP) News Roundup: latest communications and updates

  Tron-TRX-Ripple-XRP-News-Roundup-Latest-listings-and-updates "title =" Tron-TRX-Ripple-XRP-News-Roundup-Latest-announcements-and-updates "/> [19659002] While the Tron project continues to maintain its milestones in the roadmap, its associated currency is still experiencing strong downward pressure forcing it to close under the sign of $ 0.02 yesterday afternoon. </p>
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At the time of printing, the twelfth cryptocurrency more The world's largest by total market capitalization is trading at $ 0.019- a relative price that has remained fairly constant over the last two days. However, taking into account the performance of the currency in the last week, the value of TRX is decreased by almost 24%

XRP's troubles also continue

Tron is not the only digital currency that is facing the wrath of a bear market at the moment. The XRP, the third good most sought after in the world after Bitcoin and Ethereu m, is also steadily declining, losing 3% of its value again st the US dollar daily from 5 September. Currently, digital business is trading at a price of $ 0.267.

The economic crisis shown by XRP seems to have become the norm for most of the 20 best altcoins in the market, mainly due to the prevalence of a lot of FUDs circulating within the interwebs.

Tron continues to deliver, all ready for launch on 5 new exchanges

Crypto Celebrity and founder of the TRON project, Justin Sun has been on a broke during the last week, stressing that TRX has been to the point with its key objectives, especially when compared to its rival platform, EOS, which is widely considered an older and more consolidated blockchain ecosystem.

tweet at the beginning of this week, Sun noted that:

" TRON MainNet accounts have passed EOS . 12:00 pm, September 4, 2018 , according to and TRON MainNet: 301604 VS EOS : 299743. The network TRON continues to flourish and gains more recognition 71 days later TRON launch MainNet. "

It is also worth mentioning that Sun's social media follow has now surpassed that of consolidated cryptographic projects such as Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Cardano, Neo and Dash.

Finally, TRX is now listed in five further exchanges of cryptocurrencies including big names like KuCoin, Exrates and Abra. The other exchanges in which the company is listed include CoinExMarket based in the UK and a newly opened trading platform, ChangeHero.

Ripple solves the ongoing lawsuit against R3

Ripple Labs has received numerous lawsuits during the last year or so. However, just yesterday, the company issued an official statement claiming to have solved all the existing legal problems with R3 HoldCo LLC and R3 LLC "in a totally friendly way".

The exact details of the settlement were not disclosed by "Both parties involved".

For those who are not aware of Ripple's ongoing legal problems, the company has been marked by a series of complaints dating back to September 2017. Respondents repeatedly questioned the status of XRP

Final Take

While current market conditions continue to push investors to their limits, Hodlers and long-term enthusiasts are confident that TRX and XRP will bounce back after this last burst of economic pressure falls.

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