Tron (TRX) could reach $ 3.50 before the end of the year and $ 10 when it ends in 2019



Tron (TRX) is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies on the market today. The main objective of digital heritage is to take over the entertainment industry. However, Tron has also created many other projects for the benefit of his community and network.

The digital asset has a lot of potential to grow in the future, but what will its price prediction be like by the end of this year and in the same way when will it close next year? Let's find out.

Tron (TRX) Analysis of current prices

At the time of writing, the price of TRX is $ 0.0219 with a market capitalization of $ 1,445,768.798. On its medium-term perspective, TRX is varying, and it is in the bidding zone of $ 0.02800, $ 0.02900 and $ 0.03000. It is important to know that the bull's tendency occurred on the 27thth September at $ 0.02084 was able to move the TRX price to $ 0.02312 before the bearish trend returned.

The downward trend pushed the TRX price slightly to $ 0.0210 before a slight 0.1% increase occurred in the last 24 hours, while a further downtrend has declined.

TRX is consolidating and trading between $ 0.02349 and $ 0.02049. However, a breakout may occur in the higher supply exchange zone at $ 0.02349.

TRX Price expected for 2018

As mentioned in the beginning, TRX is one of the growing coins on the market today and has the ability to increase further. Despite the price of TRX is less than $ 1, many cryptographers have predicted that the Tron value (TRX) will rise to $ 3.50 before the close of 2018. The forecasts also say that the price of the TRX could exceed $ 10 by next year.

Tron (TRX) Progress So far

At the end of last month, Sun updated the Tron community on the events in the Tron network. The CEO stated that Tron had exceeded the 400,000 network account – surpassing that of Ethereum and EOS. Tron's statement also highlighted the number of daily transactions that occur on the Tron protocol now over 440K.

Sun also talked about the Super Representatives (SR) scheme of the Tron network and that these SRs provide regular control of the company. He also stated that these SRs are ensuring validation of the Tron network.

On the other hand, Tron's acquisition of BitTorrent is now considered one of the biggest companies that the company has achieved this year. Sun did not fail to talk about the developments that BitTorrent has done so far. He even stated that uTorrent was set to the Chinese language for a wider scope.

Regarding Tron's partnerships, Sun stated that Tron has partnered with the Blockchain Charity Foundation. It is also important to know that Tron is a charitable donor for the UNDP (United Nations Development Program).

In addition, Tron has created a platform for developers of Dapps: Project Atlas. Thus, Dapps developers will have the opportunity to develop and install their own Dapp on the Tron network. Tron has also launched a project known as SeedGerminator, which is an accelerator for Dapps.

At the moment other Dapps developers are opting for the Tron network. Tron is also a favorite as it is adopted by many entertainment companies such as Twitter. Given that more developers and companies Dapps choose Tron, it is certain that TRX will respond well to the price forecasts made for this.

But yes, Tron can not grow by himself, he will need the whole market to ride the bulls as we see you this year to be able to reach the expected price. Again, this is more likely to happen, but as we all know is the case with cryptographic markets, we can not be damn sure of any gain here.

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Photo by Lachlan Gowen on Unsplash

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