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Tron Foundation obtains support for TRX tokens with Exodus Crypto Wallet


The TRON Foundation has established partnerships and initiated several updates over a period of time, but they still need support in their efforts. This seems to be exactly the intention of Exodus, which is a cryptocurrency portfolio that now offers its services in the form of a partnership with TRON. They announced this collaboration on Twitter, saying: "Exodus now supports Tron $ TRX MainNet.

TRX is interchangeable with almost 50 resources. You can exchange BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, OMG, DGB and many other coins directly for TRX in the comfort and security of your wallet. Download Exodus today: http://bit.ly/2QnYSoG "

The list of updates for the TRON Foundation is quite extensive, as Justin Sun has named every new development, from burnt coin planning to updates to BitTorrent. Together with the help of Exodus, it has gathered support from BitBay, Bittrex, Binance and other exchanges. He added that the BitTorrent uTorrent application was launched, although currently only users in China are needed. Although much of the information provided by Sun concerned the results of TRON compared to Ethereum and EOS, users still commented on the concerns on the Exodus post.

One user, Chris Morton, said, "If you have the old TRX tokens in Exodus, how do you convert them to the outgoing MainNet Tron tokens." If you go into Exodus' portfolio, show TRX (old) and Tron as separate portfolios. "

Exodus was ready to respond immediately to the inquiry, saying, "Hi Chris, you will have to send the TRX tokens to Binance so they can be exchanged for the MainNet TRX, so you can send them to your new TRX address in Exodus. + Dz" – Exodus "

At the time the conversation was untangled, the user called the EOS tokens that are in a frozen state with Exodus at the moment. He also questioned whether frozen tokens will have the ability to become EOS Mainnet tokens at some point. When Exodus replied, they commented that EOS Mainnet is just in the beta phase, but the tests should soon be over.

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