Tron announces its new TronChat product


Tron Foundation has recently introduced a new product called TronChat which was developed as a result of a successful partnership with dApp. The key description of the newly introduced app is the promising affirmation of "Share Media, Chat and Earn Tron".

According to official information shared by the company, the new app combines the functionality of Instagram, Venmo and Telegram. The new product has also been unofficially called "baby blockchain" of the main social platforms listed.

The key message states: "Social media was never built to make you earn money – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others were created with the sole purpose of generating revenue for platforms based on user activity and personal data TronChat was created to solve this paradigm and allow users to gain from their daily interactions with social media ".

The announcement went on to explain: "As lifelong developers with experience in social media, we wanted to do more than wait for someone to create the first" killer "dApp for the blockchain world." TronChat allows anyone and anyone to easily gain TRX to do the things they love most on social media, bringing true use and utility to both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. "

Users can then use the same features as other popular social media platforms, including sharing photos, videos, stories, messages, chats, chat rooms, sending TRX messages, creating subscription-based content / premium and direct notifications. In addition, there will also be a tipping feature so that users can tip one at the other using TRX tokens.

The announcement also confirmed that the development process of both versions for iPhone and Android is almost 60% complete. The official version of these versions can be announced at any time and users will be informed about the developments of the new versions.

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