towards the acquisition of 6 million vaccines



The Ministry of Health has engaged with an international laboratory to acquire 6 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19. The doses will be available by the end of the second quarter of 2021. This was announced by Hachemi Louzir, director of the Institut Pasteur in Tunis.

The ministry will reveal the name of said laboratory after the official signing of the agreement and the setting of the delivery date of the vaccines expected between April and June 2021. It has confirmed that the ministry has chosen this laboratory for its “efficiency”. of the vaccine that he developed based on the identification of Covid-19 genomic sequences. This vaccine is one of the first in terms of effectiveness in protecting people from the virus by 90%.

Indeed, the ministry has prepared a strategy. The goal is to ensure all the conditions necessary for the storage and distribution of this vaccine. And this in all regions of the country. The health minister announced that his department planned to acquire 6 million doses of the vaccines. As well as the vaccination of 3 million Tunisians against Covid-19. Or 25% of the population.

Furthermore, the total number of infected people has reached 3 101,900 cases since last February and up to December. 3481 died of illness.

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