Top 5 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development


The crypto sphere is progressing by leaps and bounds and offers us the opportunity to embrace a new method of making our assets more secure. With this revolutionary solution, we are able to handle high volume transactions at a very low cost.

For this reason, we are seeing the increasing adoption of development of cryptocurrency payment gateways all over the world. It is opening new avenues of operation for us and offering us a better size in which we can expand our business. It offers us numerous advantages by keeping the pace of growth very constant and reliable.

With the advent of blockchain-based crypto payment gateways, we are able to affiliate multiple markets and make them part of even small businesses. The inclusion of digital assets in various niches increases our chances of improving the world in terms of cybersecurity.

There are many reputable cryptocurrency payment gateway development companies that help you create your own payment gateway like BitPay. By using this medium, they can totally eradicate third parties that extend transaction times and also increase their costs. As the use of cryptography is on the rise, the need for different tools to facilitate payments also grows.

An overview of cryptocurrency payment gateways

A blockchain-based encrypted payment gateway platform works with the most transparent and trusted solutions. It does not fail to provide trust and makes the trading system very convenient for every single user. With its introduction into a business, you can definitely expect profits to increase rapidly and as soon as it becomes part of the main operations. You can make it even better by partnering with experienced experts who know everything about this technology.

Why choose a blockchain-based crypto payment gateway?

Implementing a blockchain-based cryptographic payment gateway means a lot to every business, brings greater efficiency and builds trust across different networks. It gives you more time to review distribution channels and analyze how consumers are making the most of the technology.

It not only facilitates transactions, but also accelerates the speed of adoption of new techniques and methods.

On top of that, when you add smart contracts for transaction management, you get more guarantees of success. As soon as the contract rule is established, automation can be increased and given way to more purposes such as auditing and adding different levels of security. Human intervention is reduced and accurate results are obtained which make things exceptional for any company. To increase transparency throughout the process, it is possible to obtain better validated standards and apply them to the core with greater intensity.

When it comes to strengthening the security of decentralized mechanisms, end users must also be taken care of as they are at the end of the receiving channel. If the payment isn’t quick, they can start signing up and create more problems for the business. That is why it is essential to make cryptocurrency payments more efficient in every way and this particular solution does it flawlessly.

Advantages of accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment:

Your business gets a workaround for sending and receiving payments that works better than any other method.

Receiving payments around the world also works flawlessly and helps you keep customers overseas.

Maintaining a worldwide customer base is much easier with this solution.

You can effectively reduce the number of frauds, charges and minimize transaction charges.

It offers you a unique investment option by allowing you to reserve a certain amount of your profits separately, this helps companies in the long run.

Your business can maintain its stock of assets without the inclusion of third parties.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best cryptocurrency payment gateway platforms:

Here is a list of the 5 best cryptocurrency payment gateways that help you in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a merchant. These platforms accept that all important digital assets are used by crypto enthusiasts globally.


BitPay is one of the leading blockchain-based crypto payment gateways that has made managing digital assets easier for many people. It can be accessed easily with just a tap of your finger and it works on different platforms such as iOS and Android.

How this platform works:

  • The deposit and withdrawal methods are advanced
  • The security of the wallet is guaranteed by the two-step verification
  • Funds are always traded at current market rates.
  • It supports all major fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, Russian ruble
  • Coin transfer can be done 24/7, instantly and worldwide
  • The customer support team works 24/7, providing timely responses and resolutions
  • It does a great job of maximizing profits and minimizing risks in trading

It was launched as an open-source project and was equipped with some innovative services that have helped cryptocurrency enthusiasts to a great extent. The exchange was established in the Commonwealth of Dominica and has deliberately worked on ready-made plugins and APIs that have made trading very feasible and profitable for every trader.

How this platform works:

A valid bank account or ID is not required for registration

The use of this wallet is 100% free

It also allows users to sell images, music, URLs, videos and text online using crypto coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Use JQuery or JSON to optimize the Bitcoin mailbox

It allows you to sell your product via download on its platform

Allow to include third parties like WooCommerce for ecommerce operations

Members can earn money through the registration process

You can also earn by signing up for affiliate programs and others


SpectroCoin is one of the first crypto payment gateways in Europe which has greatly contributed to making people aware of this technology. They offer a large pool of services and have handled a large number of clients very efficiently.

In addition, this platform offers a large number of options for individuals and businesses alike with advanced technological solutions. The payment integration tools, processing APIs, and plug-ins they have implemented are high-end on all fronts.

How this platform works:

It supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies on its trading mechanism

The withdrawal and deposit limits can be changed according to your needs

It is also compatible with plugins from e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc.

The API allows you to buy and sell a large portfolio of digital assets


Launched in 2013, CoinPayments has emerged as a trusted option for every crypto user around the world. Using this platform, you can manage more than 1480+ coins including Bitcoin and various others. It offers an ideal environment for trading with token holders and makes things more reliable.

CoinPayments also comes with pre-installed shopping cart plugins that facilitate online shopping activity using cryptocurrency. It also protects payments with a robust wallet and offers better transaction results in every way. It offers many options to traders and allows them to include digital assets in other domains as well.

How does it work:

It only charges a 0.5% transaction fee and supports over 1200 coins.

Various web carts can be used with their tools and plugins

All coins can be sent and received on this platform with a unique tag

Makes payments faster with GAP600 protocol support

On this token can be launched tosses of new tokens and coins

Multi-coin wallets can be configured and automatic coin conversion can take place


One of the great features that attracted crypto users to this platform was the acceptance of fiat for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, it provides a plethora of solutions that meet the requirements of many types of businesses. It is very useful for an e-commerce business as it comes with a host of favorable APIs and plug-ins. It makes the integration of ShapeShift and altcoin payments possible, which is of enormous help for various companies.

Another attribute that makes this platform more special is that it updates every 60 seconds. This offers many benefits and makes cryptocurrency adoption easier than ever, money transfer is facilitated in many ways, and the inclusion of more coins also helps.

How this platform works:

It provides POS applications for different platforms such as iOS, Android and web browser

Ecommerce companies can also find plugins and APIs

It supports a diverse number of altcoins along with Shapeshift integration

E-commerce companies can realize real-time integration

The multi-user structure is also very feasible

The list of crypto payment gateways is on the rise, and the adoption of digital assets is gradually growing in each domain. We can certainly expect that the companies that launch or adopt this solution will certainly be successful in no time. All you need to do is partner with a service provider who offers you a flawless solution that simplifies this transition from fiat to crypto.

Final thoughts

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