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Top 100 summaries of cryptocurrency coins explained in a single sentence

Top 100 cryptocurrency coins explained in one sentence

Top 100 digital currencies in short

Almost literally thousands of cryptocurrency projects populate the cryptosphere these days, and every new day seems to come with an assortment of ICOs and altcoin offers. The blockchain arena is dynamic, exciting and a huge growth space right now. How can you keep track of every new altcoin out there? Sites like CryptoCompare and others help, but are often limited in their listings.

Other sites like ICO Alert, ICO Stats and even ICO Trackers are more complete, but often the protocol requires users to enter their requests or interests. Although TokenData is better, few sites actually show all existing digital currencies. In terms of the popular ranking, current currencies, following follows a list of the top 100, with a brief description of each.

Our list classifies the coins by market capitalization, ideal for investment decisions, while information that accompanies information should help determine personal preferences. Starting with the number one, Bitcoin, every ten items have a quoted market capitalization, to give an idea of ​​the difference between the top and bottom of the market.

The first 100 cryptocurrencies in a sentence or less

Note that the order of these is subject to change as innovation and progress and ultimately investors tip the balance – however this should give you a big snapshot of which coins are cemented in the first 100 cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap .

  1. Bitcoin [BTC] – The original and most celebrated digital asset and a true cryptocurrency, currently mainly an investment tool. MC = $ 127.782,276.799.
  2. Ethereum [ETH] – Famous for its smart contracts and the widespread facilitation of dapps, the number two has a massive commercial application.
  3. Ripple [XRP] – Encryption focused on the company that aims at the speed and security of commercial transactions.
  4. Bitcoin money [BCH] – A fork of Bitcoin, here the commissions are lower and the blocks bigger.
  5. EOS [EOS] – Another intelligent project focused on the contract with a user-friendly tariff structure.
  6. Stellar [XLM] – Extremely fast transactions and comparatively minimal commissions.
  7. litecoin [LTC] – A bit like Bitcoin Lite (if it existed), designed like a real daily currency.
  8. Cardano [ADA] – A decidedly egalitarian intelligent contract project that aims to become a global platform.
  9. IOTA [MIOTA] – A marriage between IoT technology and blockchain and zero taxes.
  10. To tie [USDT] – A supported encryption, a Tether is equal to one USD.
  11. Tron [TRX] – A decentralized web content platform.
  12. Monero [XMR] – The most private and anonymous encryption.
  13. NEO [NEO] – Trading of platforms on smart contracts, known as "Chinese Ethereum".
  14. dash [DASH] – An improvement in downsizing and ease of use, all with immediate payments.
  15. Ethereum Classic [ETC] – A 2016 fork, almost identical to Ethereum.
  16. NEM [XEM] – Blockchain Starter-pack solutions for the business.
  17. VeChain [VEN] – A logistic and logistic token, which brings the blockchain to businesses.
  18. Binance Coin [BNB] – The San Francisco Binary Exchange native token.
  19. Tezos [XTZ] – innovator of on-chain blockchain governance for stakeholders
  20. Zcash [ZEC] – Remember Bitcoin, but with completely anonymous transactions.
  21. OmiseGO [OMG] – A token with better banking ambitions, hoping to replace legacy payment protocols.
  22. Qtum [QTUM] – A smart contract and PoS platform token. MC = $ 1,134,933,080.
  23. 0x [ZRX] – Quick payments with faster smart contracts on a DEX.
  24. Zilliqa [ZIL] – A blockchain platform that emulates and allows database sharing.
  25. Bitcoin Gold [BTG] – 1 CPU 1 rating, basically bitcoin without mining problems.
  26. Bytecoin [BCN] – money focused on privacy that allows immediate and untraceable payments.
  27. Lisk [LSK] – This project creates smart contracts using JavaScript.
  28. Decred [DCR] – A hybrid currency that leads the management of the egalitarian community to yet another power.
  29. BitShares [BTS] – An exchange of P2P digital tokens.
  30. ICON [ICX] – A generic blockchain enabler, which makes interoperability possible.
  31. Ontology [ONT] – A corporate blockchain ecosystem focused on global transactions.
  32. Aeternity [AE] – A payment platform with improved scalability and efficiency.
  33. DigiByte [DGB] – A secure payment platform.
  34. Creator [MKR] – A "stablecoin" that acts as a cover for volatility.
  35. Dogecoin [DOGE] – A fun coin to find its final purpose. MC = $ 425,004,268.
  36. steem [STEEM] – The incentive for Steemit social media.
  37. Siacoin [SC] – A convenient P2P cloud storage facility.
  38. Bytom [BTM] – A platform that makes real world resources as a crypt.
  39. limit [XVG] – More privacy thanks to 12P and Tor.
  40. Augur [REP] – A marketplace for players – essentially a blockiein bookie.
  41. Mithril [MITH] – An incentivized social media platform.
  42. Basic attention token [BAT] – blockchain model for content matching and paying consumers.
  43. Bitcoin Diamond [BCD] – Bitcoin, but with privacy changes that make it a dubious currency.
  44. Stratis [STRAT] – A business solution that allows intelligent contracts in .Net and C #.
  45. Golem [GNT] – A decentralized super-computing platform for everyone.
  46. dwarf [XRB] – One of the most scalable virtual currencies.
  47. Pundi X [NPXS] – Buy and sell Point of Sale cryptocurrency devices.
  48. RChain [RHOC] – A fast and eminently scalable content platform.
  49. waves [WAVES] – A platform that allows the token of blockchain tokens.
  50. KuCoin actions [KCS] – The KuCoin exchange incentive token that allows users to collect passive income.
  51. Waltonchain [WTC] – A blockchain token that is trying to build a massive IoT network.
  52. State [SNT] – A messaging interface focused on the interaction of
  53. IOStoken [IOST] – A scaling solution that enables online service providers.
  54. HShare [HSR] – A generic blockchain currency. MC = $ 425,004,268.
  55. MaidSafeCoin [MAID] – A digitized file sharing ecosystem powered by nano cryptographic transactions.
  56. mixin [XIN] – peer-to-peer blockchain network for digital goods transactions.
  57. populous [PPT] – Another company platform, aimed at facilitating global billing and payment.
  58. Wanchain [WAN] – An enabler for trading cross-chain virtual assets.
  59. aelf [ELF] – A cloud based on blockchain and an OS network with incentives.
  60. DigixDAO [DGD] – Closed Community payments supported by effective gold reserves.
  61. Komodo [KMD] – An appropriately anonymous token bifurcated by Zcash.
  62. ardor [ARDR] – A side-by-side or "child" chain resizing solution that can facilitate or eliminate chain congestion.
  63. Token of Huobi [HT] – Sign of the Huobi exchange for the benefit of the members.
  64. GXChain [GXS] – Decentralized data platform that applies blockchain database management.
  65. Aion [AION] – A platform at the same time, which concerns platforms on the same, also others. MC = $ 211,443,078.
  66. relatives [KIN] – The digital services ecosystem built for everyday life.
  67. Loopring [LRC] – A digital exchange protocol focused on fast and correct transaction.
  68. Private bitcoin [BTCP] – A Zclassic fork, this is a token focused on privacy.
  69. nebulae [NAS] – A blockchain project that will always avoid hard forks.
  70. Decentraland [MANA] – A VR offering that uses blockchain to allow participants to engage and earn.
  71. Cryptonex [CNX] – Anonymous symbolic payments that act as fiat-cryptic intermediaries.
  72. Emercoin [EMC] – Blockchain secure DNS and SSH bridge builder for the enterprise.
  73. Zencash [ZEN] – public and private cryptocurrency security, messages and multimedia network.
  74. onMonacoin [MONA] – A very popular Japanese token mainly used by players.
  75. MOAC [MOAC] – A project focused on scaling and core blockchain application problems.
  76. Ark [ARK] – The most successful digital bridge on blockchain.
  77. luna park [FUN] – Casino and gaming fun on the blockchain.
  78. Wax [WAX] – Exchange of Crypto Asset assets worldwide for the sale of virtual goods.
  79. ReddCoin [RDD] – A P2P payment token focused on small, fast and inexpensive transactions between users.
  80. PivX [PIVX] – A privacy-token token that works on PoS.
  81. Kyber Network [KNC] – A platform that enables atomic exchanges without intermediaries.
  82. Dropil [DROP] – An automated cryptographic storage and trading platform, which uses relevant analysis and rigorous security.
  83. Ledger in powder form [POWR] – market for renewable energy blockchain trading.
  84. bancor [BNT] – A "liquidity network" that allows users to instantly convert virtual currencies.
  85. Monk [MCO] – Crypto.com owner, an alternative payment solution with a blockchain credit card.
  86. Dentacoin [DCN] – A global dental health project with blockchain to improve dental care.
  87. TenX [PAY] – blockchain connector network that allows global cryptocurrency payments
  88. Frame network [LOOM] – Scalable game and other social app generator with all sidechains.
  89. Paypex [PAYX] – Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency and payment wallet platform
  90. polymath [POLY] – network of block-based token securities platforms.
  91. Gas [GAS] – The NEO token.
  92. Nxt [NXT] – Launchpad for cryptocurrencies.
  93. Token Bibox [BIX] – Cryptocurrency Exchange native token.
  94. Nuls [NULS] – Facilitates the economic creation of blockchain projects.
  95. chainlink [LINK] – Connection of smart contracts for data and applications.
  96. Holo [HOT] – blockchain framework for distributed decentralized applications.
  97. CyberMiles [CMT] – Free, fast and secure business solutions.
  98. Enigma [ENG] – Another do-it-yourself blockchain solution solution focused on dapps
  99. Syscoin [SYS] – The answer of the blockchain to Amazon. MC = $ 94,243.434.
  100. Veritaseum [VERI] – Trading of P2P assets without intermediaries.
  101. Qash [QASH] – Maintenance of liquidity for all cryptocurrencies.
  102. Elastos [ELA] – A next-gen project
  103. Token Theta [THETA] – A decentralized content stream (TV) focused on sports, educational and entertainment content. MC = $ 106.942.945.
  104. Centrality [CENZZ] – A P2P blockchain market activator, focused on apps.
  105. Ethos [ETHOS] – Management tool for users to collect their coins, portfolios and keys
  106. Bark [CTXC] – A marriage of artificial intelligence and smart contracts.
  107. Factom [FCT] – Enabling trust between companies on the blockchain
  108. TrueUSD [TUSD] – Another stablecoin anchored at 1: 1 for USD.
  109. merger [FSN] – A decentralized fintech business solution.
  110. WaykiChain [WICC] – Blockchain game tokens.

As you can see, it stores these snapshots of the cryptocurrency project and you can hold a conversation anywhere and anytime inside the bitcoin ecosystem. We have included the 110 tokens because of the low ones that always jump back and forth and when we finished the review of the 100 highest cryptocurrency summaries there have always been many jumps around, so we decided to include some extra coins for your reference points. The sector is dynamic for fans and volatile for strangers. The maximum market limits of the currencies from the middle of the list onwards change constantly and shuffle the order. The 100 tokens above, however, are today's major currencies, based on their respective market capitalization.

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