Top 10 Foods That Help You Get Rid of Constipation


Problems occur when the diet is rich in meat, sweets and cheeses, which make digestion difficult. For optimal intestinal transit, we need fiber (present in vegetables, fruit and whole grains) to be present in our daily diet. Here are the foods that help you get rid of constipation!


Although a small fruit, raspberries are a real “bomb” when it comes to fiber content. Thus, a handful of raspberries contains no more and no less than 8 grams of fiber.

Fiber helps digest food efficiently, plus it feeds the good bacteria in the stomach for optimal digestion. Raspberries can be eaten for breakfast with yogurt and whole grains.


In case of swelling and constipation, the action of oranges is threefold: vitamin C and fibers stimulate digestion, while naringerin, which is a flavonoid, has been shown to have a bioactive effect on human health as an antioxidant, radical scavenger. free, anti-inflammatory and immune system modulator.


Hydration is essential if you want to enjoy good digestion and avoid constipation episodes. No wonder dehydration is the main cause of constipation. Then, drink as much water as possible and for extra flavor you can add a few slices of cucumber or lemon.

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