They accuse Kimberly Loaiza of using “filler” in these new photos


Kimberly Loaiza’s new clothing line photoshoot was reason for haters to throw bad blood at YouTuber

Recently, Kimberly Loaiza announced the launch of its first clothing collection with Shein and revealed that starting October 26, “Kimberly Loaiza X Shein” will be available for purchase.

For the same reason, the YouTuber posed for a new photo shoot of the brand, promoting all the new items that will appear under her name. The result was incredible, but the haters found a new reason to destroy Biggest Cuteness.

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Photo: Instagram

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They accuse the YouTuber of using “filler” in these new photos

It was in one of the promotional photographs that some users noticed a “strange detail”, as they claim that the “filler” used by Kimberly for the photos was exposed to the cameras.

Kimberly posted a message on Twitter announcing that she was planning to perform a dynamic to pamper her cuties, but the haters showed up and exposed the YouTuber for the alleged filler she used in the photo shoot.

“I’m thinking of a dynamic for the first people to get clothes from my collection, what would they want?” Wrote Kim, to which Twiiter users replied:

“If the sponge is included, I’ll buy it”

Her fans immediately defended her and ensured that the “fill” is simply a pair of lycra.

What do you think of the haters who keep attacking Kim? What is a fact is that the YouTuber shines in everything he does!

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