The XRP community requires the adoption of currency as a base pair in Binance


The XRP community on Twitter began a team effort to mobilize for adoption in trading and is focusing on Binance. While the third largest cryptocurrency has been listed in a variety of exchanges, there are very few who use its specific use cases for trading and treat it as another digital asset.

However, the landscape for the cases of use of XRP is changing, as is seen from the smattering of XRP insertions seen as a basic pairing during the month. The currency was determined to be the base pair on the institutional grade exchange DCEX, where users can exchange it with other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] Ethereum [ETH] and Litecoin [LTC].

XRP was also added as a base pair to the launch of Bitrue, which represents a movement in the cryptocurrency as a first step. Unodax, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, has also added XRP as a base pair, between Bitcoin and Ethereum, when the Reserve Bank of India began to restrict fiat-to-crypto trading. Previously, a Twitter survey by Weiss Ratings, an institutional rating agency, ranked XRP as the most likely resource to be used for moving funds between exchanges. A whopping 78% of all users who voted in the poll voted for XRP, with only 8% of votes for Ethereum and 6% for Bitcoin.

The driving force behind these changes is the ability of XRP to easily shift value. This is due to its quick settlement speed, close to 4 seconds, and to virtually non-existent transaction fees. When compared to other heavyweights like Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP is almost instantaneous in its settlement rates. Furthermore, the token was built to quickly shift value, as seen by Ripple's view of the Internet of Value and developments such as the InterLedger Protocol.

The XRP community believes that the value proposition for XRP will become stronger and stronger in the future as more functionality is added to the ecosystem. There are already innovations such as the XRP Tip Bot, created by Wietse Wind, which allows users on Twitter and Reddit to tip the others with XRP in seconds.

Probably, XRP is not subject to transaction fees like Bitcoin and Ethereum and offers a much more stable experience for sending and receiving value.

The XRP community on Twitter is mobilizing around these principles, with C3 Nik leading the cryptography. He recently tweeted:

"We would like to see #XRP as one of the basic resources on @Binance in order to move the value much more quickly! Please do it @cz_binance! Let's take a few retweets to let you know."

of the community Alex Cobb joined them, stating:

"The 100% platform would be a great help, much cheaper and much faster."

As a client of Binance, Crypto Couple declared:

" We are also on @Binance.With #XRP as a base we would use this exchange a lot more.XRP is great for sending currencies around, cheap and fast.Bright base We avoid BTC when we can, the fares are ridiculous.BTC is a collectible item XRP is the best bridge I love that coin. "

Another active member of the XRP community, PandaRippleXRP on Twitter said:

" Dear @cz_binance, @binance, #binance has some plans to add #XRP as basic mating? This for do cilitate a high transaction volume as many will question the extension of the transaction time during the dive / moon period. Ultimately, you will provide your customers with a better user experience "

Crypto Joe, XRP's prominent enthusiast, said:

" This would be a big step in keeping the position of trading volume n. 1, as more and more exchanges are adding XRP as a basic pair, including the Mastbont SBI VC trading platform. In addition, XRP allows your user base to benefit from the advantage of low-latency / -fee transactions. Thank you. "

However, Binance has not responded until today, it remains to be seen if any changes will be made, since making XRP the base pair on the exchange will allow users to see significant ease of access.

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