The XRP community is unhealthy, says the founder of The Block: he accuses the Ripple team of price manipulation


Recently, during a podcast with Anthony Pompliano, known as Pomp, Mike Dudas, the founder of The Block said the Ripple community is not healthy.

During the speech, one of the topics was crypto-community spaces, where the duo discussed good and bad spaces of encrypted communities. Comparing the basics of crypto-fans with fans of sports teams in the real world, Mike said the two are very similar. He also added:

"In the cryptographic ecosystem, people arrive, and you've already heard it before, I'm not saying anything particularly new in this field, but with an almost religious belief and a 39. anchorage and a strong prejudice, and a tribal nature so strong as to associate with specific projects as I have never seen. "

The maximalist of the Bitcoins, Mike believes that Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin [BTC] are authentic examples of good community spaces. According to Mike, many developers have turned to Ethereum.

Although the Solidity language is not "Ethereum-specific", people really want to work on the platform, which has led to applications and services built on it. Therefore, in its context, the platform is a "truly healthy, organic and natural community".

However, he said that while some irreducible fans are considered valid, some may turn out to be a curse. In his experience he has seen many "unhealthy communities" and the Ripple community is one of them. He stated:

"The obviously canonical example of this is Ripple, Ripple has a centralized structure, Ripple Corp basically says" hey, we put our tokens in escrow "but, anyway, you know they are obviously under the they are controlled and released for a period of time. "

In addition, the founder of & The Crucible & # 39; he went on to say that Ripple has a host of people who are "Ripple extremists". Moreover, he believes that such people become a public hive mind and in fact they run into anyone who doubts the validity of Ripple and XRP.

Speaking of robots, Doudas said:

"And the robots, Ripple is the case where there are certainly real people who are supporters, but there is no doubt that there are tens of thousands of robots associated with Ripple. "

By accepting the fact that Ripple hosts people who wish to see it succeed, he said, he witnessed the outstanding professional business team and called them talented. However, in his opinion, he believes that the team is responsible for the manipulation of token prices, he told Pompliano:

"And they also have a lot of talent in increasing the value of things related to the company they work for. the token is clearly part of this. "

Mike also accused the Ripple team of encouraging its prominent tweeters to pursue a sort of" mini-celebrity game "adding that such measures were unhealthy and that Ripple knows that helps to create artificially Supports the price of the coin

In conclusion, when Pomp asked how companies like Ripple can give value to themselves, Doudas said:

"I think one way that could substantially eliminate any doubt is to say , "hey, instead of compensating ourselves in this XRP token" – that the founding team has, the leadership has and David Schwartz has. They could choose to give up those tokens fundamentally. capital of Ripple the corporation, which clearly has a connection to the XRP token. But it would reduce questions, if there are ulterior motives when they announce things. This is just a simple thing. "

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