The theaters reopen on November 26th

The theaters are back after 8 months of closure. This was confirmed by several national operators such as Royal Films, Cinamark and Cinepolis, who have set the reopening date on Thursday 26 November.

The theaters, which already have government approval to receive audiences again, will open with limited capacity and, depending on how the situation goes due to the pandemic, will continue to reopen gradually.

This reopening will be carried out in compliance with the biosecurity protocols envisaged for closed sites and will include, in addition to the mask, the distance of two meters and the reduced range, to facilitate the purchase of the online ticket office and that spectators eat meals only when they are sitting on the armchairs.

In Barranquilla Royal Films, closed from March 16, he is the only operator who so far will screen his films with an audience. It will open its Multicine Viva and Multicine Único theaters on October 26, as well as in cities such as Medellín, Cali, Girardot and Ibagué.

The company has announced that from November 24 it will allow the online sale of tickets for the new functions, which will not have the same frequency as before the pandemic.

For its part, Cinemark will reopen on the same date in cities such as Santa Marta, Bogotá, Soacha, Medellín, Cali, Pereira, Ibagué, Cúcuta, Neiva, Armenia, Montería.

Cinemark customers will be able to redeem season tickets and cinebonos that were “frozen” during the quarantine. In addition, the national operator explained that “when you buy tickets, we block seats on each side, based on their position. In addition, we have longer hours to give our visitors more time and minimize crowding of people in all areas ”.

Cinépolis and Procinal are other operators that will begin receiving the public on November 26th. Cine Colombia, for its part, does not plan to reopen for the rest of the year. The president of the company, Munir Falah, said that Cine Colombia wished “the best” to “colleagues from the film festival”, adding that they would be careful to “collaborate as much as possible with them”.


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