The spiritual causes of the disease. For those who believe or accept


How long can we live with this acceptance when we are in the midst of developing a disease and experiencing its unpleasant or even devastating symptoms? How much it helps us to understand these new approaches to the spiritual causes of our diseases.

Even if it seems difficult, when you accept that there is something else behind your illness and that it can help you, paradoxically, to become a better person, to solve some thought defects, to give up some bad habits of the past – forced by the disease . itself and because it limits you to do, think, feel – slowly you not only heal and help the drug with your mind and soul, but you become a wiser person with much more harmonious human relationships after illness.

As we go through life, various things happen to us. We contact flu, colds and viruses, we get physically injured, like when we fall off the bike as a child or play sports. As adults, it can happen to us that we injure our spinal cord, or have car accidents and we find ourselves with bruises, cuts, dislocations, infections, ulcers and sometimes broken bones.

Some of us may have serious illnesses, such as cancer or hepatitis, heart disease or multiple sclerosis. Eventually, we reach old age, progressive infirmity and death of the physical body. All of these are normal: they are what is expected as part of what it means to be an embodied being. But these are only effects. At least this is affirming more and more theories.
The spiritual causes of illness – The link between cause and effect

The ultimate cause of all disease can be found in the world from other dimensions – in the same regions from which disease derives its initial power to attack us. For this reason, it is not enough to simply annihilate the effect of the disease with the help of physical drugs and hope that all is well. In order for true healing to occur, we must address the cause of the disease.

One of the theories presenting the causes of the disease is presented below and we leave it to each individual how to manage this more or less new information. It can help some and others may vehemently reject it. There is no right or wrong in this acceptance. Each of us has our own degree of evolution and tolerance for the causes behind us and as such our life lessons from which we learn what we need to learn.

There are three classic causes of the disease, and interestingly, these aren’t microbes, bacteria, or viruses. They have been negative internals that appear in us in response to negative or traumatic life experiences. The first of these is Lack of Harmony.

The spiritual causes of the disease – Lack of harmony

Lack of harmony is what we experience when life suddenly loses its meaning, or when we lose an important connection with life. Consider the case of an elderly couple. After a long marriage, one of them suddenly dies. You may not have been in a perfect relationship. However, there is a great connection between them, which arose out of everything they went through together. The survivor can go into crisis due to the loss of a partner and, in a short time, can have a serious illness, such as cancer. Suddenly he / she leaves too. This is the lack of harmony.

The state of disharmony that we experience as a reaction to such life situations leads to a decrease in personal strength. This can happen in a sneaky way, on the one hand, or in a catastrophic way, which shakes our lives, on the other – such as when we lose our jobs and therefore lose our livelihood. . When we experience the loss of power, our energy matrix is ​​affected and we become vulnerable to disease.

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