the situation of Isla Grande, Cartagena


The inhabitants of Isla Grande, an area located in the island area of Cartagena, They denounce continuing without a health post or doctors to attend to community emergencies.

This situation has consequently left that, in less than two months, there are already three children who have died without knowing the causes. They also denounce the abandonment of the state.

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The latest victim is a minor under the age of 14 who, according to his relatives, has started developing fever and stomach problems. However, due to the lack of a health post nearby, it was necessary to transfer him to Cartagena, a situation also complicated by the absence of ambulances.

Once he arrived in Cartagena and treated in a health center, the doctors who attended him were unable to diagnose his condition, so it is not yet known what the causes of his death were.

“Here a person gets sick and there is not even to give him first aid, even if he suddenly has the possibility of arriving alive in Cartagena. We are isolated, we are on an island that takes 45 minutes from here to Cartagena and takes almost 20 minutes to Barú, so it is very important that you help us, “said José Zúñiga, father of the deceased child.

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The call of the inhabitants of Isla del Rosario, in particular of Isla Grande, one of the most populated areas in the sector, is distressing and they ask for a prompt solution to the problem.

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In addition, they are calling for medical assistance, especially now that an economic recovery is underway and the hotel sector has reopened its doors. They fear that, with the arrival of tourists, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the covid-19 virus may also arrive and they will have no way to defend themselves from the disease.


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