The singer of “The Voice Kids” (Sat.1) from Hamburg is dead – Grace Mertens was only 16 years old


Grace Mertens was only 16.

© Grace Mertens / Instagram

He has won numerous hearts not only in “The Voice Kids”. Grace Mertens of Hamburg has now died aged just 16.

  • Grace Mertens died at the age of only 16.
  • The woman from Hamburg suffered from it Brain tumor.
  • Many fans of “The Voice Kids” know her from the Sat.1 show.

Hamburg – Incredibly sad news not only shakes your family and relatives, but also many viewers: Grace Mertens she’s dead only 16 years old old. The death of the young woman from Hamburg who appeared on the Sat.1 program three years ago “The Voice Kids” occurred, his family confirmed on Friday (23.10.) on Instagram-Account “sing4grace2020”.

“Grace will be 16 forever,” he says. “She died peacefully with the three of us last night with her. Our heart is broken. There is so much to say. About Grace. On your support. But right now I can’t find the words. You’ll come later. “

Grace Mertens (The Voice Kids / Sat.1) is dead: she suffered from a brain tumor

Grace suffers from it Brain tumor. She and her family have been preparing for the sad farewell for a long time. “My tumor is spiraling out of control and there is nothing doctors can do to stop it,” Grace said aloud in late September. Image.

Her mother also said, “Grace’s time with us is almost over,” her mother wrote more than three weeks ago. “He spent most of the day sleeping and said next to nothing. We mostly get grunts in response to our questions. I used a waking moment and told her what everyone is doing at # singforgrace2020 “.

Because under the hashtag and on the specific Instagram page, many others have tried to donate Grace with the strength she loved so much: music. They recorded songs by their favorite artists. A wonderful action with such a sad background.

The then 13-year-old attended “The Voice Kids” I got a lot of sympathy in 2017 and the jurors like it Child, Sasha is Mark Forster led to a standing ovation. Unfortunately, her health no longer allowed her to pursue a career as a singer. Since then, many people have been interested in his sad fate at a young age. Also an ESC candidate Michael Schulte participated in the # singforgrace2020 campaign (see above).

How brave Grace Mertens was can be seen from the fact that she helped plan her funeral. “Grace’s funeral will be the celebration of a lifetime,” her mother said in mid-October Image. It will be bright and full of love, just like Grace. She has always loved pink and all that sparkles, so she will have a sparkling pink coffin. My mother sews a special dress that she can wear, from my pink wedding dress. Many people will be there in their thoughts and mourn the fighter. (lin)

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