The sensual photos of Karina La Princesita to celebrate her success on Instagram


This is the year of Karina La Princesita. Although the singer has long since become a reference point on the tropical scene at an international level, her participation as a jury of Cantando 2020 has allowed her to enhance her success and her image.

For fun, for the spicy, for the right and also for the front, La Princesita built a character in the program that was quickly accepted and applauded, not only by her regular followers, but also by the public who barely knew her as responsible. of hits like “With the same coin” or “Heart lying”.

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In addition, her exposure at the table that she shares with Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla and Moria Casán has led her to risk more on her outfits, to the point of being Ángel de Brito’s comment before each presentation. Each of the models, after the program, is immediately uploaded to their networks, from where they receive the same approval from their fans.

Happy to have exceeded two million followers on Instagram, Karina has decided to combine each of these aspects and celebrate with selfies, in which she shows all her sensuality. “Well. Here, in celebration for about 2 million followers. Thanks !!!!”, he wrote next to a heart and lips.

That post alone exceeded 300,000 “likes” in less than 24 hours, at the same time it collected a cataract of messages by greeting and congratulating her. Proof that La Princesita has managed to transcend the world of popular music, finding a place of fame and recognition in the ever-competitive television arena, where many arrive, but few manage to stand out.

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