The secret woman in Mihai Constantinescu’s life. Now his wife knows. PHOTO


The story of an admiration that knew no bounds will be presented Tuesday evening, from 21:00, on TVR 2. In the foreground will appear Luminița Oprea, a woman from Ploieşti who adored the great artist who passed away on 29 October 2019.

“It was easy to love Mihai, it is impossible to forget him”, she said in “Destinies as in the movies”, the show that Iuliana Marciuc presents on TVR 2. Indeed, the TV presenter has prepared a special edition this evening in memory of Mihai Constantinescu.

He left “A Wonderful World”

At the age of 73, the beloved pop singer passed away at the Floreasca hospital, after a long suffering and difficult moments that greatly consumed those who loved and appreciated him. Now, some of them will remember everything that was most beautiful about Mihai Constatinescu.

Among them will be his wife, friends and stage colleagues, who will try to recreate unique moments in the show that airs from 9pm on TVR 2. “For those who loved and appreciated him, the musical fortune he left long ago will delight the souls of those who grew up with his songs and hummed his lyrics “, you can see on

Of all of them, Luminiţa Oprea stood out perhaps more, taking her love for the artist to levels that are hard to imagine. He has adored Mihai Constantinescu for decades, from the first appearance.

The woman who has never missed a concert

When she was a teenager, she often sang in her hometown of Ploiești. The meeting with the great singer will mark the whole life of Luminița Oprea. Ploieşteana has followed her career and revealed that she has not missed a single concert where her favorite artist was also present. Over time, she became his friend and confidant.

“As a true admirer, she collected everything related to Mihai Constantinescu in an impressive collection. She began by admiring the artist, then met the man who was Mihai Constantinescu.

In difficult moments he was with his wife, Simona Constantinescu, and now, together, they go to the cemetery every week to support each other in the great loss of a loved one “, says Iuliana Marciuc.

photo: Luminiţa Oprea


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