The scientific committee member announced the new effect of the coronavirus


One of the most curious questions about the coronavirus is the new effects and new symptoms of Covid-19. Professor member of the scientific committee, who made notable statements about the coronavirus, which is constantly mutating and appears with different symptoms in each patient. Dr Tevfik Özlü provided information on the new effect of the coronavirus ‘coronasomnia’, which has recently been discussed. Listing the areas where the coronavirus is most infected, Özlü said the effects of the coronavirus extend up to six months in some patients. Here are the special statements by Tevfik Özlü, member of the Scientific Committee, at


Scientific committee member Tevfik Özlü, on allegations that the coronavirus has mutated, “The mutation occurs constantly. These viruses have mutated since the coronavirus began. This virus is constantly changing and transforming. Claims that these mutations change the flow of the virus have not yet been demonstrated, but there are some publications recently. According to these publications, the mutant virus is seen more and is more easily transmitted. There are observations that the mutation undergone by the virus increases the contagiousness of the virus “These are not yet at the conclusive level of evidence, but we can say they are at a lower level of evidence,” he said.


Scientific committee member Özlü pointed out that coronavirus does not manifest with the same symptoms in everyone and continued as follows; “There may be different results at each moment. Until now, the picture has not been completely resolved. We cannot yet see the whole picture. There are different results in many organs. The reason for its presence in different organs; it causes l Vascular occlusion. In which organ you can see different results depending on the occluded vein. In the lung. ” Some findings can occur in the heart, brain, gastrointestinal system, skin, kidneys. The same situation does not occur in every patient. Different symptoms and effects occur. It mainly manifests as pneumonia in the upper and lower respiratory tract. “


Making a statement on allegations that the coronavirus has a new effect and causes a difficult-to-treat sleep disorder called coronasomnia, Özlü said: “The coronavirus can cause diseases such as sleep disturbance or depression. We don’t know yet. Coronavirus outcomes and effects. There are patients with ailments such as fatigue and cough that continue for months and do not fully recover. There are some studies showing that the involvement of the nervous system is permanent. Recovery of the ailments in the patient can take time . Sometimes it can take two to three months and sometimes up to six months. These aren’t things that always happen with every patient. ” She said.


Özlü, who recently released statements on the rise in coronavirus cases in Istanbul, listed the areas that caused the increase and the possibility of new measures on the way: “The tightening of measures is due to the public administration, but the biggest problem we are experiencing now; areas for eating and drinking, restaurants, factories and canteens of institutions., areas for drinking tea and coffee, public transport, indoor areas in workplaces, narrow areas such as elevators are the most contaminated areas . The areas that many people who work indoors encounter are at risk. The most dangerous areas are smoking areas. They do not wear masks and actually blow the virus with cigarette smoke. Also take off a mask and drink tea and coffee on the job is a big risk, he said.


Stating his predictions about when the return to normal will occur, which everyone is curious about, Özlü stressed the effect of vaccination studies: “We don’t know for sure when it will return to normal, but I guess the pandemic won’t end in the next year. . In order for the vaccines to stop the epidemic, we have to vaccinate 60% of society. I imagine that if the rules are respected, the vaccines are given on time, especially to the risk group, it will be better to get back to normal next summer. ” She said.

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