The Russian nutritionist named the most important vitamins in the winter: Company: Russia:


Russian nutritionist Marina Makisha named the most important vitamins for the body in winter. This was reported to the Zvezda television channel.

The specialist explained that frozen or fresh vegetables, fruits and berries are the most important source of vitamins and antioxidants. They also strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance during viral diseases. Alternatively, they can be replaced with seasonal foods like sauerkraut. It contains a lot of vitamin C and bacteria that are good for the gut.

The expert also recalled the importance of vitamin D, the deficiency of which is experienced by the body in winter due to the short daylight hours. This can lead to sleep disturbances and depression. In this case, the nervous system needs magnesium in combination with vitamin B6.

The nutritionist also advised to include more protein foods, such as meat, fish, eggs and milk, in the diet, as a lack of them can lead to a decrease in immunity.

In October, doctor and gastroenterologist Nikita Kharlov discovered a way to boost immunity in cold weather. The specialist noted that in the cold season it is necessary to consume more animal fats. At the same time, Kharlov explained that not all fats are equally useful for the body. The safest and healthiest are animal fats.

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