The Ripple XRP begins the bulb run: it returns above $ 0.5000


Following Bitcoin Cash [BCH] End-of-the-week weekend performance with an increase of over 30 percent, XRP's turn to take the cryptocurrency market wheel.

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Fast money, in third place by market capitalization, is changing hands against the US dollar to $ 0.5050 with an increase of 8.80% in the last 24 hours. XRP is bringing the Bit4in market of 9.04% in the green.

XRP Trading

Source: coinmarketcap

Even that traditionally digital heritage follows Bitcoin [its native token] value movement, lately any drastic change coming from altcoins with respect to the general market sentiment that is acting as a catalyst for a new tendency to start. The interruption of XRP above the $ 0.5000 could be a very welcome signal for investors to get a piece of the coins that are still low as they prepare for a bullish week.

The recovery weekend of BCH was mostly influenced by the announcement of Binance to declare support for Hard Fork, on November 15th of Bitcoin Cash. Likewise, since CoinField & # 39; s [Canadian cryptocurrency exchange] announcement of the currency acting as the new base currency of the system, XRP has experienced a very necessary trading day.

XRP On Fire It will go live as a base currency on the CoinField exchange – 61 countries already in the mix

The pair XRP / USD has fluctuated between $ 0.4000 and $ 0.48000 since the beginning of the biggest drop at the beginning of October.

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