The ripple price (XRP / USD) struggles to defend weekend earnings

  Price of ripple (XRP / USD) struggles to defend weekend gains

Ripple's price (XRP / USD) is stored above the $ 0.28 limit in a rocky market Monday.

The third largest digital currency market has had some positive price action on Saturday, as it managed to record solid gains and secured a close above the $ 0.28 level. The Sunday session proved to be more challenging, with the currency struggling to defend Saturday's gains due to frequent price fluctuations. However, after testing several releases below $ 0.28, the currency gathered in late trading to end the session at $ 0.281, mitigating losses.

Ripple saw another significant drop in today's session, with its price dropping to an intraday low of $ 0.278. The performance of the currency continued to experience significant rotations in the afternoon trade.

In other Ripple news, the San Francisco-based company that created the XRP cryptographic token is close to launching a commercial application of its xRapid product.

"I am very confident that in the next month or so you will see some good news getting to where we are launching the product live in production," Ripple's chief of regulatory relations interview said in an interview. # 39; Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Sagar Sarbhai. with CNBC at the start of today.

XRapid aims to accelerate cross-border payments using XRP as a sort of "bridge" between different legal currencies. No bank or other payment provider currently uses xRapid, but key players such as MoneyGram and American Express have conducted product testing.

In today's trading, the price of Ripple was $ 0.279, at 3.155 BST. The digital currency has lost 0.1% of its value in the last 24 hours, based on the Coinmarketcap digital tracker data. Its total market capitalization currently stands at $ 11.1 billion.

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