The property in Turkey was opened for use by joining the Facebook Messenger Instagram DM


Facebook’s plans to combine Instagram DM and Messenger have already surfaced. This plan, which was personally confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, was later gradually introduced to Instagram and Messenger users. In fact, now started using this feature, users can also provide the common messaging application in both Turkey.


Messenger users will now be able to message people on Instagram without downloading the Instagram application. Likewise, Instagram users will be able to message people on Messenger without downloading the Messenger app. In other words, all Instagram and Messenger users will meet on common ground across both applications. In addition, features such as changing the color of the chat we see on Messenger, replying and forwarding a message, leaving an emoticon in a message will also be available for Instagram DM users.


DM Messenger and Instagram to join, this feature is now made available by users in Turkey. Instagram has begun to provide information on the new feature. Users can switch to the new messaging feature via these notifications.

Facebook Messenger feature combines with DM Instagram was opened for use in Turkey - Last Minute Economy
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