The price of BTC marks a bull market! What could Cryptos follow? (EVX, XMR, DASH)


The price of BTC has once again exceeded resistance levels and with many catalysts in October it seems to be at the height of a bullish breakout. He could run a bull across the horizon?

Market analysis

The last 3 weeks have seen TRIG, VIBE and INS predicted before the trend of the prices of the North and this week an undervalued gem, EVX, which will be analyzed together with two private privacy coins: XMR and DASH.

Everyone talks about the ETF (fund traded on the stock exchange) when in reality it is when, not if, the fund occurs. However, the ETF will probably not be approved for months and there are many other exciting events at the horizon for BTC 00 to help start a full run in the short term market.

October sees the opening of BAKKT a cryptographic exchange founded by the owners of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). If the generalization of the encryption were to occur, the owners of the NYSE would benefit from it.

Having already created the assured platform to follow the SEC regulations, and with the influence of owners of one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world (NYSE), it seems that BAKKT will start to drive in professional traders with billions if not trillion in space encrypted.

The first product of BAKKT will consist of futures that require the underlying asset, bitcoin (ie the control of private keys) to be kept.

As more and more people buy and sell futures, they are actually buying and holding physical BTCs. This removes the already minimal BTC bid while the demand explodes quickly while BAKKT pushes new traders into space.

Personally, I think this will signal the next rush to the encrypted markets.

With the next bull run reported which submissive gem is out there waiting to be found?

EVX – Everex

After doing extensive research in space, it becomes apparent how difficult it is to make large card exchanges, regardless of the team, technology and community. This is why betting on coins with very low market capitalization on large stock exchanges can lead to higher returns at the start of a bull market.

The EVX is traded mainly on Binance, but it is also on Huobi and OKEx, a process that would require millions of dollars or an absolutely huge community to make. However, their market capitalization fell from the historical high of $ 97 million and a price per dollar of $ 5.87 to a market capitalization of $ 7 million and a price of 00.

The value of ads on Binance, Huobi and OKEx alone is worth more than their market capitalization.

Being on this number of better exchanges allows for a large pool of liquidity that provides awareness and ability to be bought and traded. However, what does EVX really do?

EVX specializes in solutions that enable its customers to transfer, borrow and exchange any fiat currency anywhere in the world. Settlement times are less than thirty seconds with maximum security and minimum transaction costs.

When the bull starts, the ability to instantly remove from the crypto market, while it is also able to lend it, convert it and send it, makes EVX a primary target for the accumulation of shots before the race. EVX has few competitors in space that specialize in fiat, encryption, loan and no-one anywhere near the low market capitalization of EVX.

The EVX token already has utility. You need to access the advanced features of their platform. The loans returned on time will be incentivized with EVX while EVX also works as a source of guarantee for those looking for loans.

The smallest encryption with market capitalization with the highest utility during an upward run tends to pump first, making EVX a primary acquisition target. With a market capitalization of less than $ 8 million and specializing in a highly demanded niche market, EVX will become even more important once market sentiment changes, making it a primary acquisition target.

How the regulations bite – XMR and DASH become fashionable

It is highly unlikely that XMR or DASH will provide returns returned by EVX and other small market capitalization coins. However, both are cryptocurrencies that fluctuate in and out of the Top 10 list by market capitalization and have important features that will make them much sought after in the coming months.

Countries are banning or regulating cryptocurrency at a pace that has finally captured the curiosity that the public has about it. From the big banks to the nefarious individuals, BTC and crypto have captured the attention of the world. Stop the financial system in the process. However, while this interruption continues – and those in power become more incentivized to adopt, tax or prohibit altogether – privacy coins will likely gain a foothold in both cases.

If countries take the road to regulation, these nefarious people will immediately choose to avoid taxes and will probably seek private money to do so. If people are in a country where encryption is prohibited, private currencies allow private transactions. In any case, it seems that private currencies will become more and more sought after as the involvement of the government in the crypt increases in a positive or negative way.

However, as coins with more privacy, DASH and XMR could not be more different.

Monero – XMR

XMR 00 it is a currency for privacy created in 2014 that focuses mainly on fungibility and decentralization. XMR uses a blurred public ledger to transmit transactions. All this means that anyone can transmit the transactions but no external observer can tell the source, the amount or the destination. XMR is known as a cryptocurrency test of work that issues new coins for miners to protect and validate transactions.

Monero mining malware

Because XMR remains so relevant it is that they have maintained the ASIC resistance through what has been almost a constant round of forks. They have a dedicated core of community developers who make sure that XMR remains as decentralized as possible and away from ASICs.

Their privacy feature is first order. XMR uses acoustic signatures that mix the input of the spender with others, making it very difficult to establish a link between each subsequent transaction. This coupled with stealth addresses makes it impossible for any stranger to see the actual amount of the transaction, sender or recipient.

That long list contains all the pros on XMR and because you're likely to appreciate it based on its technology and government influence, positive or negative in cryptography. The only main obstacle is probably too expensive. As top name in "privacy" in crypto, they have the strongest brand and the strongest brand comes with the highest associated cost.

Their developers, technology, ASIC resistance and longevity make it a big money for privacy. However, being already a top cryptocurrency, they have many competitors with what would eventually be a superior technology.


dash 00 it is a cryptocurrency that has the ability to be treated privately. However, what makes DASH unique is not its privacy features but its masternode functionality.

DASH masternodes require 1,000 DASH priced at $ 188. This means that each masternode is $ 188,000 to be set up and returns around 7% per year. However, owning a masternode allows you to vote and use the sending system to create proposals that must be voted by the masternode community.

That's how DASH came to sponsor so many events this year. The masternodes have voted to make it happen. Masternodes are a way to have the equivalent of an account saving a currency with decision-making authority within the community.

DASH has the most popular governance system through its masternodes and the platform works great. DASH has also worked its way through many niche markets such as dispensaries in the United States and legal companies that are less likely to look for traditional banks.

The disadvantages of DASH, however, still exist and are very few. The cost of a masternode is almost $ 200,000 which puts it out of reach of most individuals. How decentralized a platform is if a vote costs $ 200,000 to do?

The second problem is the masternodes only returning 7%. Many new masternode coins of the previous year have yields well over 20%, with a ROI of some years per cent in percent. These two things are DASH's cons, but their benefits far outweigh their disadvantages if you can afford their $ 200,000 masternode.

Closing thoughts

Small cap capital currencies like EVX, which specialize in niches that will be very necessary during the upward run, should have the most exponential short-term gains. The accumulation time is not once the pump has occurred, but anticipating it and understanding which niches excel in specific markets.

The EVX is an acquisition target, particularly while the market capitalization remains below $ 10 million, having previously been valued at almost $ 100 million.

Dash and XMR guide the privacy scene and both have completely different pros and cons. During the imminent upward run, each investor should have a plethora of coins to stay diversified and private currencies should match that profile.

If you have enough for a DASH masternode, see if you like their proposal system and annual performance. If complete anonymity is your thing, along with ASIC resistance and best branding, XMR is your answer for a Top 10 cryptocurrency.

[Disclaimer:  The views expressed in this article are the personal opinion of the author and do not reflect the views of Bitcoinist. The information in the article should not be taken as financial advice.]

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