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Despite the strong performance of yesterday, the bitcoin has returned to losing because an uncertain market has tried to take off the price.

Bitcoin fell 0.51 percent to trade at $ 6,322.46, having lost $ 200 a day.

Ethereum rose slightly by 0.22 percent to trade for $ 284.43.

Ripple lost 0.81 percent to trade for $ 0.283647.

lost 0.94 percent traded for $ 54.99.

Traders are still unsure how the Securities and Exchange Commission will end up deciding on the proposed Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

For as long as the debate is dragging on, lower bitcoin prices are expected to decline.

  Bitcoin price LIVE: BTC returns to negative returns after a strong day of earnings

Bitcoin price LIVE: BTC returns to negative returns after a busy day of earnings (Image: GETTY)

22.12 pm UPDATE: Thai SEC cancels seven cryptocurrency operators to serve customers

The Thai regulators announced on Thursday 16 August that they have so far approved seven commercial entities to conduct cryptocurrency operations in the context of the formalization of the country's national market.

statement, Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (Thai SEC) confirmed Bitcoin Co. Ltd. (BX), Bitkub Online Co. Ltd., Cash2coins Co. Ltd., Group Co. Ltd. (TDAX) and Coin Asset Co. Ltd. were able to operate as legal exchanges of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the regulator approved two cryptocurrency dealers: Coins TH Co. Ltd. and Digital Coin Co. Ltd. (ThaiWM).

The move is part of a package of "Transitional" Rules governing the encrypted companies operating in Thailand before the first tranche of regulations entered into force on May 14th.

1pm UPDATE: Monero is the coin chosen by miners

Paolo Passeri, Global Solutions Architect, Netskope states: "New academic research of Aachen University revealed that CoinHive, a miner of embedded cryptocurrency, generates $ 250,000 in Monero cryptocurrency every month But this was not the only result, the research also revealed that only ten individuals benefited from the mining sector in the region that reached 80% of the currency generated. Monero is the miners' favorite currency for a number of reasons: it offers better privacy and its CryptoNight algorithm is ideal for working well on consumer CPUs. "

" Because the mining schemes continue to be effective there is an obstacle to those who make big profits.The research shows that the public lists used to detect miners, of which NoCoin is an example, are actually highly ineffective, with 82% of c test amperses of researchers who slip undetected. Supervision of these types of technology means that the most effective way to stop the miners is to block the execution of the code with the plugins. An example of this would be NoScript. "

11.07 UPDATE: Ripple wants to target China

Ripple wants to target the Chinese market with its distributed register technology designed to accelerate cross-border payments, a company manager" China is sure to interest, it's definitely a goal, "he told CNBC in a telephone interview with Jeremy Light, vice president of European strategic accounts at Ripple." China is definitely a country and a region of interest. "

At the start of this year, the blockchain company reached an agreement with the financial services company LianLian International based in Hong Kong, with the aim of fueling cross-border transactions of the last one between China, United States and Europe It is not clear if Ripple technology has been implemented by LianLian yet.

10.20 UPDATE: Blockchain company enters the gaming market of the United States

Online Blockchain PLC, a Blockchain company in the United Kingdom, has announced it will take a 35 percent stake in the gaming team Encryptic Gaming Inc.

Online Blockchain will invest up to $ 100,000 in cash, over a period of time, based on the developmental milestones achieved by Encryptid Gaming Inc.

The investment will help Encryptic Gaming to develop new encryption systems.

The first game is Cybernetika, a futuristic world with roaring robot-like creatures that can be trained, upgraded, and turned into tournament battles.

  Bitcoin is back to make a loss "title =" Bitcoin has slipped back to loss

Bitcoin has slipped back to loss (Image: GETTY)

9.15 on: Bitcoin is still finding his feet

Kevin Murcko, CEO of crypto exchange CoinMetro believes that cryptocurrencies are still trying to find their true value.

Mr Murcko said: "The market is experiencing a readjustment while trying to find the true or underlying value of each encrypted resource. For example, there has been some number of studies examining the cost of extracting a single Bitcoin, with $ 6,000 as an average

"Large mining operations do not sell below their cost to produce, which over time creates a real value or a minimum low in the market. Until there are other proven values ​​associated with a specific good, the low resistance point will revolve around this production cost. The current price of BTC, which fluctuates around that $ 6,000 [currently $6,350] is a reflection of all this.

"In addition to the hard cost of mining, there are many other factors of market influence." Cases of use can drive adoption, which in turn increases demand, transactions, costs for mine and ultimately leads to higher prices.You will also have external circumstances, such as the 2017 race, which push prices out of this market-induced range.

"This is common in all markets, such as when a stock price does not accurately reflect earnings, or the dot-com bubble, when stocks with negative balance sheets traded at extreme valuation levels. "

7.40 UPDATE: the bitcoin is too unreliable to predict?

The CEO of Tech Bridge, Ilia Kolochenko, states that BTC goes beyond the prediction

He said: "I do not think anyone can provide a reliable prediction on bitcoins today. As seen in the past, immense fluctuations were suddenly caused by cyber criminals, governments and alternative cryptocurrency .

"Despite the present appearance of relative stability, the bitcoin is a puppet of market speculators and computer bands that can suddenly fall or splash to the stars.

"Today you can make a lot of money speculating with bitcoins, but be prepared for the associated risk of losing all your income."

  Bitcoin is back in red today, while the market falls in price

Bitcoin is back in red today, as market goes down in price (Image: CoinMarketCap)

7am UPDATE: US investors can now buy banknotes exchanged with bitcoins

Starting today, the US investors can buy a note traded on the bitcoin exchange (ETN) through their online broker, bank or consultant.

Although the CoinShares product is listed and regulated in Sweden, the known Bitcoin Tracker One (CXBT) F) is now listed in US dollars.

The offer offers investors who might be worried about a direct investment in bitcoin a way to enter the market.

"All t Today, by investing in dollars, you can get exposure to these products, whereas previously they were only available in euros or Swedish kroner," Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares Holdings Ltd., told Bloomberg.

"Given the current regulatory climate ahead of the United States, this is a big win for bitcoins."

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