The new Alleged Ripple Expert theory predicts $ 589 of price for the XRP currency by year end

  Alleging Ripple Expert's new theory expects $ 589 of price for the XRP currency by the end of the year

Although the Ripple community is often on the same page regarding any changes and improvements, one recent theory from the Bearableguy123 user caused a rift. His theory is that the token will reach $ 589 before the end of 2018. Some reports suggest that Bearableguy123 is a member of Ripple, which is one of the other concerns under discussion.

The user has suggested more forecasts for the year, including the allegedly outdated partnership claims. His predictions on price movements have also been fairly accurate, leading many to follow the recommendations on when to keep the coins. The user, BG123, is mainly known for an image that shows Ripple rising above Bitcoin.

This image has many components, including a knight who could represent Brad Garlinghouse, a missing king, and a human – like a puppet. Although the interpretations have yet to be confirmed, it seems that these symbols suggest that Ripple is linked to bank profiteers known as the Rothschilds.

There are three opportunities that the currency must reach the expected value of $ 589, which are:

  1. The launch of xRapid, based on the potential increase in the volume of trade.
  2. The consumption of XRP, which has been on the rise to promote greater volume of trade.
  3. The launch of an update that will increase the speed of the platform.

Experts believe that the most likely change will be the first of the changes. Basically, if there is an increase in volume in XRP for cross-border transactions, it could end up increasing the volume of trades over time. More XRP will end up being bought, which will also be sold on the stock exchange.

A YouTube channel, Working Money, has decided to publish a video that breaks what the community can expect if xRapid should launch soon after. In his calculations, he found that the daily fluctuation in that period would be about 7.25%, while the average daily volume would be $ 191 million. Furthermore, he felt that the price of Ripple would depend largely on what percentage of SWIFT's market share was captured.

SWIFT manages about $ 4.7 billion every business day. Even with a claim of 1% of the business, xRapid would go to $ 47.8 billion. Considering that the volume of trade is currently equal to 1/250 represents about $ 5.56. Even if xRapid had completely absorbed SWIFT, the total price of Ripple would have come to $ 526 anyway.

Nearly a year ago, Ripple CEO David Schwartz noted,

"It all depends on how much you want to dream. if Ripple captures the current bitcoin market share? $ 2 What if Ripple captures the value of all the high frictional current international payments currently in progress? $ 20. What happens if Ripple captures the value of a volume? growing international payments driven by friction reduction? Maybe $ 120. "

Schwartz, at the time, thought it was unlikely, saying,

" Ripple that equals the current bitcoin capitalization in the near future does not seem more outrageous to me now that the idea of ​​a bitcoin selling for over $ 1,000 seemed to me in 2012 ".

Even with all these potential factors, it does not seem realistic that XRP reaches the expected heights.

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