The most recent video of "The Ripple Drop" reveals the milestones of the XRP currency reached so far

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Ripple has been questioned in many cases for lack of the notion of decentralization. At some point in the past year, many news agencies have broken Ripple, what it has to offer and have even come to define Ripple and XRP as two different components rather than being under a belt. A more in-depth look at how Ripple has grown, and his current position has been explored in a series of videos on the web dubbed "The Ripple Drop". Here is a breakdown on what you need to take from it:

Asheesh Birla & # 39; s Take on RippleNet

The episode of Ripple Drop begins with the SVP of the Ripple product, Asheesh Birla, which breaks down RippleNet and its products, xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. Birla shares the fact that xVia can be used with a standard connection, which was done to conveniently access RippleNet's xRapid and xCurrent. Furthermore, he shared that:

"They [users] they would use xCurrent and get rid of the need for the FTP server and three days to process the files. "

He also stresses the ease of use of xRapid by providing an example of Mexico, in which he believes the country could "move money on demand using XRP", resulting in instant payment.

Craig DeWitt and Ripple's Multi-Hop Feature

After Birla discussed the benefits of RippleNet's three products, Ripple's Director of Product, Craig DeWitt opens the platform's "multi-hop function", which allegedly was a collaboration between Ripple's team and Thai bank Siam Commercial Bank .

According to the statements made, this respective feature allows users to have an immediate ability to negotiate with financial institutions, payment service providers and even existing cryptosystems.

Ultimately, he states that multi-hop functionality eliminates the need for bilateral relationships in the following statement:

"[Multi-hop feature] It's important because in today's world you need a bunch of bilateral relationships clunkily put together in a chain in order to move money. Multi-hop makes it a thing of the past. "

Another advantage of this feature is that it allows you to "return multiple multiple quotes to the user," explains DeWitt, adding that doing so via xRapid ensures that the "cheaper and faster" method exists.

Report on the Q3 markets of Ripple and Cory Johnson

To conclude the episode of Ripple Drop, Chief Market Strategist of the company, Cory Johnson explores the Q3 Market Report of 2018. It mainly talks about the new milestones reached in relation to the XRP ecosystem as its trade in Malta and suggests the prospect of its adoption by the investors of Wall Street. In particular, Johnson reveals that things will change more or less for Ripple's life because of Wall Street's interest in his overall project. Here's how from his quotes:

"Purchases from the institutions [of Wall Street] directly from the company, "is considered the" big change. "It projects the number as" almost 400% quarter-on-quarter. These seem to be the small signs that Wall Street is increasingly approaching the adoption of digital resources ".

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