the most famous cryptographic projects approved by celebrities


No, there is nothing wrong with Katy Perry who perfected her nails with cryptographic logos and posting it on Instagram, or Kim Kardashian proving the first Bitcoin which he received as a gift from Mathew Roszak. It must also be said that Ashton Kutcher donated [$19659002] $ 4 million in Ripple tokens to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund during his show.

However, when it comes to getting paid to promote something, some celebrities should be more demanding when they choose a lateral hustle and bustle.

In this list, we explore the celebrities who were part of the approval cryptoscams.

Steven Seagal and Bitcoin: $ 250 million USD in a symbolic sale

Blockbuster star, a martial arts fan and accused of sexual violence Steven Seagal is full of surprises.

In 19989002 became the "World Brand Ambassador" for Bitcoiin a project led by an "idea to" to create a higher or more advanced version of Original Bitcoin . "As soon as the initial offer of coins (ICO) of the project was coming to an end, the founders and Seagal of the project left the scene erasing all the posts on social media that referred to the project. . The timing is also suspect and the start may have occurred after Bitcoin was struck by a cease-and-desist order for the fraudulent sale of unregistered securities. In March, the company was also the subject of regulatory warnings for suspicious behavior.

As stated in a press release published on April 9, 2018, sales had almost reached $ 250 million USD. It is not clear who received the money and how the funds should be spent exactly. In the same press release, it was announced the launch of an autonomous commercial ecosystem of products, including Bitcoiin B2G, B2G Wallet, – a platform for instant exchange of cryptocurrency – and Dragon Mining Technology. However, the "Advanced Bitcoin" has clearly not taken off. According to SimilarWeb the number of unique visitors of per month in July 2018 was 9,628 (compared to 39,2 million for Binance within the same period of time).

The latest tweets on @Bitcoiin's Twitter feed mostly featured announcements on the listing of a controversial exchange and " on the moon! " type of messages.

Paris Hilton and Lydia: Teaming up with 47 offenses

Next on the list, we have the partnership of Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton and another man of amazing moral standards.

Gurbasksh Chahal, an Indian-American entrepreneur, is known for his love of harassment, discrimination and the ability to hit his girlfriend 117 times with the camera (for which he was consequently charged with 47 crimes).

The crimes of Chahal-of-47 had the idea of ​​ Lydian the " first marketing cloud for blockchain " and they decided to invite Hilton to publicize it.

When Hilton began the promotion in September 2017, she was heavily criticized for this, with the likes of Forbes who followed her tweet (which was removed) that announced the & # 39; approval and asked the research director at Coin Center, Peter Van Valkenburgh, to give a look at the coin. Van Valkenburgh commented that the project seemed "senseless".


Despite a very controversial idea, a suspicious white paper and a dark background of the project's founder coupled with dubious ways to promote the ICO, the "" An Absurd "project managed to collect $ 11.3 million token dollars, as documented by ICO Bench.

According to a press release the "promotional price" for the first buyers was $ 0, 25 USD per token, including a 50% discount.This means that the full price must be $ 0.5 USD per token, however, at the end of the sale of tokens, an additional 50% discount on promotions is was announced through Lydian's social media channels

The token price at the time of writing this text is $ 0.028 USD, according to CoinCodex However, no exchange offers negotiation of the token, and what happens after the project still remains a bit or clear.

In the meantime, Hilton has canceled his post on the project and Chahal has enjoyed freedom in India despite his transgressions. He informed about 122,000 twitter followers who were enjoying Independence Day in India at the beginning of this month.

Jessica VerSteeg and Paragon: United to increase the efficiency of the scam

The former Miss Iowa, Jessica VerSteeg, opted for a cannabis trade after lost [19659002] her boyfriend Tyler Sash, a flamboyant NFL player, at his opiate addiction that led to death from overdose.

Combining a strange business idea (remarkable, considering that he had lost a loved one because of drug addiction) with his passion for cryptocurrencies, VerSteeg launched his blockchain and renamed it ParagonChain. The focus of Paragons' solutions aimed at " revolutionizes the supply chain monitoring for the cannabis industry ."

Although he may not have the technical skills, VerSteeg certainly knows how to sell the token, using all the tricks of the book, including the controversial tools for collecting scarcity. In order to raise awareness, VerSteeg has also attracted rapper & # 39; The Game & # 39; to participate in the campaign promotion.

The ICO of the ParagonChain token, PRG, began on 15 September 2017 with the initial price of $ 1 USD per token and increased by $ 0.05 USD per day until the last day of the sale token. The sale of tokens produced over $ 70 million USD of funds raised and currently, CoinMarketCap claims that the PRG is trading at $ 0.049 USD

However, it is not clear what it was done by the technology of things perspective. Until now.

In June of this year, there were announcements regarding the multi-million-year cause of class action against The Game for helping to market the ParagonCoins. Investors who pursue the case are also intent on repressing the ParagonChain permanently.

The statement is that the company used ICO funds not to change the cannabis industry, but instead to buy the properties. According to the recent revelation by VerSteeg, the statements are true .

She is now ready for the opening of marijuana co-work on WeWork. Since WeWork's recent evaluation was to $ 35 billion, this may seem like a good plan on paper, however, WeWork is considering $ 933 million of net losses against $ 886 million in revenue in 2017, so the VerSteeg company could have its work cut out.

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